The Elevated Hostess is back with our latest cannabis-host-with-the-most plan: the smoke circle.

For many of us who grew up with happy hour and wet bars at home, the smoke circle is the 2019 answer to your cocktail cart and snacks. With legalization in Canada, and with Millennials and Gen Z-ers turning away from alcohol and consuming more cannabis, it’s likely we’ll see in an increase in this tradition.

Here’s how to host your own smoke circle for elevated times with friends.

Set Up and Space

Make sure you have comfortable seating with lots of cushions, tables, and trays. Set a positive mood with ambient lighting and great music – not too loud though – a smoke circle is meant to be relaxing. If your smoke circle is inside, be sure it’s in a well-ventilated area and that all of your guests are okay with smoking. You can also try vaping – and we know just the vape you need! A circle-type set up is a good idea so everyone can talk to one another.  

Create a Safe Experience

You want to make a multigenerational ritual that will give everyone a great experience. Make sure everyone is legal age and an eager participant – peer pressure belongs back in high school! It’s probably best to avoid serving adult beverages because some have adverse reactions to alcohol and marijuana mixed. Be sure to ‘know your limit and smoke within it.’ Your guests won’t be having fun if they green out. If edibles are part of your party, remember to ‘start low and go slow’.  

Develop Some Rituals

We all ‘Cheers’ and make toasts with alcohol, but what will your smoke circle tradition be? Will someone say a short speech, will you all light up at the same time? The fun part is, it’s up to you. New territory means you make the rules. Asks your guests for ideas or see what others are doing as a part of their smoke circle.  

Have Some Refreshments  

We all know mary jane can make us a *tad* hungry and thirsty. Be sure to have lots of water, juice, coffee and tea available to hydrate your guests. Have tons of finger food available – both healthy and not-so-healthy – but don’t plan to make a big meal. This is about socializing! Order a pizza once the munchies really set in.  And again, if you’re consuming cannabis edibles, keep them separate from the rest of the food!

Have you ever hosted a smoke circle? What are your traditions? Let us know in the Comments, or on FacebookTwitter or Instagram. Happy hosting!  

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