With legalization allowing 4 cannabis plants/household, more and more people looking to grow their own medicine. It used to be said that cannabis was a gateway drug, I personally like to look at it as the gateway to an environmentally friendly lifestyle. If you are not a natural green thumb, here are a couple of tips to get your therapy and indoor “medicine” garden up and running.


Seed selection is a critical part of the growing process and will influence the outcome of your finished product. Having access to multiple strains will allow growers to customize their garden. Choosing between indica or a sativa, a low THC or a high CBD strain will depend on the growers preferred preference.

The environment that the garden will be located should come into consideration when choosing genetics. For example, in a large outdoor space, one should look into a fast flowering strain that lasts up to 7 – 8 weeks. Fast Flowering strains such as honey cream or critical kush will have the ability to finish by September or before the end of the growing season.

If it is a small indoor space, an auto-flowering strain might be a perfect option for beginners. Ruderalis strains are for those who want to grow small and not have to deal with exploring the complexities of photoperiods.


If you are looking to cultivate fat, resin filled cannabis, you will want to start with feminized cannabis seeds. The female plant which is not fertilized will produce Sensimillia – buds without any seeds. Female plants have higher THC content and have a wider range of cannabinoids than male plants.

Starting a grow with feminized seeds allows the grower to avoid the time-consuming process of identifying male plants. If any male plants are left in the grow space, once matured, they will start to release pollen which can affect resin production, THC potency and the ability to cultivate large seedless buds.

Who better to nurture a female plant than a woman?


The growing medium is essential to your cannabis plants health and yield success. To achieve robust and vibrant, plants need to be exposed to the correct amount and type of nutrients which they uptake from the soil via their root system.

Deficiencies in cannabis plants are stemmed from minerals and elements that are not available for uptake from the roots. This is why it is so important to use quality soil and or coco coir as a beginner starter medium. It is also vital to ensure that your crop is receiving a full spectrum of nutrients for optimal growth.


It is necessary for the human body to utilize multivitamins to function properly. Nutrients are for plants like multivitamins are for humans. Similar to the human body, essential minerals like (Calcium, Magnesium, and Phosphorus) are vital to the plant’s life cycle.

Once these minerals are introduced to the roots, the plant will activate main functions like root expansion, leaf generation, and bud creation.

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