Sisters, Siobhan and Sloan are farmers out of Humboldt County’s first-permitted cannabis farm. Branded as Grow Sisters, they started making videos in 2017, allowing viewers a sneak peak of what it’s really like to work on cannabis farm.

The Grow Sisters story is about two amazing women growing cannabis in California, but it’s also about two sisters, growing up in separate worlds, now reunited. In the season two premiere, Grow Sisters announce they have expanded to include more women from the cannabis industry.

“For far too long society has looked down upon farmers who believe in cannabis as a medicinal herb. We are honored to share our story with the world in hopes of shedding a positive light on this subject. Grow Sisters’ focus is to share our knowledge, highlight women in the industry of agriculture, and communicate that there are many different ways to grow your own medicinal cannabis, as there are many different lives and many different paths.”  The Grow Sisters.

Catch up on season one below, and follow along with the Grow Sisters journey in the second season. Canndora loves the Grow Sisters for their thought leadership, commitment to sustainability and their quirky kick-ass attitudes.

Grow Sisters are passionate about cannabis cultivation and they want you to be too. Sister, Grow Your Own is their educational series on how to grow your own cannabis.

WANT MORE? Read about the Ladies of Paradise’s Jade Daniels  who attended Siobhan and Sloan’s birthday celebration where they invited all the hardworking cannababes of Humboldt County out for an overnight networking party.

And see Siobhan speak on the Womxn, Wellness and Cannabis’s Conference’s Cultivation Panel, now streaming on Youtube.