Article by Ladies of Paradise

Do you ever stumble across a brand on Instagram and after perusing through weeks of content and watching their stories religiously, you realize that the girls running it are super badass, inspiring, and you totally want to be friends with them? Well, us too! Some of the following brands we have been keeping up with for years, and some are newly discovered that we’re adding to our list of all-time faves.

1. Jacquie Aiche

Me and Harlee are known to have rings stacked on just about every finger, which is why Jacquie Aiche‘s jewelry has always been a line we’ve swooned over. I first fell in love when I saw a photo of Rihanna carrying a weed leaf clutch, so I started googling and landed on her site. I was pleasantly surprised to find the most beautiful 14-carat gold rings holding precious gemstones, dainty necklaces layered among delicate body chains, and best of all, her inclusion of weed leaves throughout her line. Check out her Sweet Leaf collection, which infuses marijuana and art, in the most classy and refined way.

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