There are so many articles about women in the cannabis industry to follow, watch and emulate on social media from the pinking of pot to the Her(b) Life spotlight series, women are shaping the industry and charting change. This International Women’s Day, we’ll showcase the first featured lady of our #womeninweed ongoing article series. Join our community to catch a sneak peek of who she might be in our newsletter! We’ll be showing off some amazing products, too, and they just might make it into one of our upcoming Canndora boxes.

To get warmed up for our monthly feature, check out these 15 social media accounts across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Follow one or a few and lift your fellow cannabis community members a little bit higher in the cannabis industry.


Cannabis Feminist

This instagram page features the Cannabis Feminist community led by Jessica Assaf and inspired by Tahnee Shah, aiming to transform cannabis into a universal wellness product and empowering women to lead the industry. They’re currently taking submissions for a survey on cannabis and women’s health. The Cannabis Feminist says “the future of cannabis is female” — if you agree, you might want to follow!

TreeFemme Collective

This mostly-Instagram community aims to destigmatize and normalize cannabis, working to support women and end sexism in cannabis culture. Often linking to DIY youtube videos, this community features historically significant women as well as community members under the hashtag #treefemmecollective to support and empower women, visually.

Broccoli Mag

Broccoli, a free international magazine for cannabis lovers, is created by and for women who love cannabis. Published 3 times a year, this magazine aims to give cannabis a dedicated space to be discussed in a fresh, stylish and approachable new way — this issue looks at everything from cats to executive roles. To get the hard copy delivered to your door internationally, subscribe and pay only for shipping and handling.  

Push Mag

Push Mag is a publication for revolutionary cannabis conversations with an impressive all-female executive team. Seeking to ”push back” and celebrate, encourage and uplift others via inspiring solution-driven conversations, the magazine offers an open and inclusive environment for all cannabis lovers to feel safe and able to stand up and push back.

Supernova Women

This Instagram page features an especially important organization that highlights and empowers Women of Color in cannabis. A visual counterpart to the facebook community, the organization focuses on education, networking and advocacy, showcasing the Shades of Green panel series focusing on legislation and industry opportunities, cannabis business workshops, and ex-offender advocacy and education. Another similar account you might want to check out is Madame Green Grow.


Cannabis At Work

If you’ve never come across Alison McMahon, then clearly you’re not looking for a career in the cannabis industry! The leading source in Canada for cannabis jobs, recruitment and industry training, Cannabis At Work puts together workshops, conference talks and career fairs online and in-person across Canada.

Trina Fraser

If you ever wanted to get to know the nuances of the cannabis industry, Trina Fraser is one of the best women to follow on Twitter to stay informed. A partner at Brazeau Seller law firm in Ottawa, Trina has been featured in Leafly and other media for her knowledge and advocacy for the advancement of the cannabis industry.

Impact Cannabis

Curious about cannabis effects on women’s health? This is the place to learn. Run by Dr. Michele Ross, this non-profit is dedicated to clinical research & education on women and cannabis. Also the author of ‘VitaminWeed,’ you’ll learn all sorts of things about your health that you need to know from this education-focused follow!

Women of Cannabiz

Boosting women on and offline, this is the best place to watch featured women in the industry! With a healthy mix of delicious infused recipes and entrepreneurial advice posted on their social platforms, Women of Cannabiz has an excellent website to follow for all things business, education or edibles.

Marijuana Mommy

This nurse and mother, Jessie Gill, does the work to spread information about cannabis, showcasing her medicine with a lifestyle focus on her website as well as on social platforms. Learn everything you need to from sharing cannabis stories and mindfulness retweets to essential oil and wellness articles and parenting advice.   

Facebook: Community Engagement

International Women’s Cannabis Coalition

This community was founded with the intent of bringing pro-cannabis women together in an alliance to end cannabis prohibition worldwide. With a focus on families, this group examines the harms of prohibition, aliking the movement to the end of alcohol prohibition, where women’s voices were heard loud and clear. This organization was founded by and for women, but welcomes all voices.

Cannavist mom

This Facebook group pushes the boundaries by advocating not only for a mothers right to choose cannabis both recreationally as well as medically, but including and not limited to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Under the hashtag #NormalizeCannabis, the group explores stereotypes from medical use to social acceptability of recreational use for parents — “Mommy needs a joint should be just a socially acceptable as mommy needs a glass of wine.” Plus, join their private cannabis moms (and dads!) groups. 

Women Grow

This online community creates programs and events for aspiring and current business executives in the cannabis industry. An American for-profit business founded in Denver in 2014, there remain a few Canadian chapters of Women Grow, most notably Toronto. Aiming to serve as a catalyst for women to succeed in the emerging industry, the annual Women Grow Leadership Summit brings together women in cannabis globally. We’re hoping we’ll get some Ellementa events over on this side of the border soon too!

SheCann: Legal Medical Cannabis Empowering Canadian Women

This group is specifically created to be a safe space for Canadian women to discuss their cannabis use. A community built on questions and helping each other navigate the ACMPR while specifically limiting any advertising, the group offers a supportive environment to obtain information and share perspectives. Not exclusive to women, the group vets all members carefully to maximize comfort and safety, with the patient experience at the forefront of all conversations. The community keeps private, but shares personal stories like this one published in

Women Entrepreneurs in Cannabis

This closed group Facebook community explores and connects women who are adding cannabis to existing careers, cannabis experts and entrepreneurs. A supportive online environment, Women Entrepreneurs in Cannabis aims to provide the education women need to make their businesses a success. One way they’re doing this is through their Monday Mentor livestream with business women in the industry. Catch it below:

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