It can be astounding how a plant as beautiful as cannabis can make such a resinous mess when smoked. This means that anyone who takes their smoking seriously also needs a proper cleaning regimen to keep their piece sparkling. Of the plethora of options for performing a good clean-up on your glass, these are some of our favourite methods — and don’t forget, you can use a lot of these on your Canndora puff pipe. 

Around the House

A lot of bong cleaning novices venture into this situation wondering … will soap and water work? The answer is absolutely NO! However, rubbing alcohol and salt will work wonders to dissolve and exfoliate the resin from the inside of your piece. Depending on the percentage you have on hand, 70% isopropyl alcohol will freshen it up real nice but leave some residue, while a 99% isopropyl alcohol will get that bong clean enough to drink out of. And when all else fails, a couple shots of clear alcohol from your liquor cabinet can eat away at some of those sticky layers. Shake her real hard and rinse real well.

Around the Town and Online

Visiting your local head shop is another way to get your hands on some piece cleaning products. Keep your eyes peeled for products such as Grunge Off and Orange Chronic, as they are typically some of the brands stocked by these stores. These products are also widely available online, as well as many other notable brands such as Formula 420 and 420 Science. These specially formulated liquids won’t require any additional scrubbing to remove the resin from your piece, just a good shake and soak.

Cleaning Kits and Accessories

If you’re looking for some tools to accelerate the process and clean your piece like a real pro, there are many kits available for purchase. Weed Wipes is an organic option that comes with a solution and brushes that work to clean the resin and prevent the bong from further building up. Another great option is the Kizzle Kit, which not only features a snazzy smell-proof bag that holds four awesome smoking tools—but also has their Blue Cleanse, perfect for cleaning resin off your cannabis accessories.

This article was first published on Push Mag.

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