how to talk to your parents about weed

When my mother recently told me she had heard the term “endocannabinoid” on the nightly news recently, I had an epiphany of sorts. Gone were the days where my mother would be questioning whether or not I was consuming cannabis, this she knew. Nowadays she wanted to know about CBDs and vaporizing, what strains I know of to treat migraines, and how much tax revenue Washington state brought in from legal weed sales. With the conversation around weed having evolved so far beyond the traditional dialogue and into such a mainstream vein, there are many newfound ways to talk to my parents about pot.

Talk investment opportunity and economic growth

They aren’t calling it the Green Rush for nothing. And it’s pretty great to be able to say that you not only smoke the reefer, you also invested a chunk of your portfolio in it. Whether making small business investments in a local pot shot, owning a field of legal marijuana or writing for a cannabis publication like yours truly — there are rapidly growing and changing ways to get into this newly legalized industry. There are many ancillary businesses popping up as well, including opportunities for artists, designers and even those looking for a traditional 9–5 type gig. Diverting the conversation to the business facets of this industry may help bridge the gap in their mind from illegal substance to established trade.

Talk changing political and legal landscapes

Odds are your parents were alive somewhere close to the 1960s, when similar spirits of high-minded revolution were also taking flight. Whether they agree or disagree with the growing legality of cannabis, they have been exposed to this movement longer than you have and might have some interesting insight. Ask questions about their experiences, you might be surprised by their responses. Keeping them in the loop on the legislative changes in your state is another useful and informative conversation to have — especially if your parents are looking to get back into their weed game now that they feel more comfortable with the changing laws. Maybe also mention that cannabis is significantly stronger than what they remember — so take it slow Mom.

how to talk to your parents about weed

Talk health-and-wellness-based issues

With the availability of medical cannabis on the rise, pharmaceutical prescriptions are not the only treatment option awaiting individuals as they approach their retirement years and beyond. Plant-based options can be explored to treat everything from chronic pain to cancer, and keeping your parents in the loop on these emerging medical trends will provide them with diverse options as they age. There may be no silver bullet for getting old, but a little cannabis just might ease some of the aches and pains. Something as simple as a cannabis lotion could not only help to relieve their personal ailments, but it may also serve as a good introduction to the endless world of cannabis products.

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