Mom Guilt: Something that about 99.9% of mothers struggle with every hour of every day, doubling in intensity when it’s time for her own personal self-care. Whether it’s a girls’ night out, going for some spa time, shopping for herself, or letting herself indulge in cannabis, a Mother’s usual first instinct is to put her children and family first, while she comes last.

“I shouldn’t be doing this,” crosses her mind as she lights her cannabis joint or pulls from her vaporizer, with a million questions or concerns of what could happen if someone found her out taunting her as the effects come on.

It’s time to let go of Mom Guilt when it comes to a woman’s enjoyment of cannabis. Let’s take this Mother’s Day to reflect on mom guilt, and why it exists, and most importantly, how to get rid of it, to allow mothers to live authentically in this new age of cannabis.

The Spectrum of Cannabis Using Mothers

If you’re part of the cannabis community, no doubt you’ve already caught on to the idea of the “cannamom”; women like those at Canndora, who are mothers and partners who have embraced the place of cannabis into her lifestyle.

Then there’s the secret, closeted cannabis mom. Maybe due to where she lives or the people she associates with, she’s stuck in the traps of stigma and worries over what could happen if her cannabis use became known. As places continue to recreationally legalize, women like this may find themselves concerned about how to broach the topic of cannabis use in her life.

2018 is the time for a shift, that will need the support of one of the most important demographic to our societies: moms.  For cannabis using mothers, this will be the year to reflect on cannabis, what it means to you and your families, and finally, let go of those traps that keep you stuck in the cannabis closet where able.

Elevating the Voice of the Elevated Mother

No matter where a mother sits on the gamut of cannabis users, it’s important that mothers involve themselves in a greater societal shift about how we talk about cannabis. Chances are, you use cannabis because it provides a benefit to your life. Perhaps you are in a special circumstance where you are advocating for cannabis use for severe diseases, or for children with debilitating medical circumstances.

Whatever situation a mother is in, she owes it to herself, her children, and their future to use her voice now for spreading information and education about cannabis use.

Relieve some of your guilt about being a cannabis user by helping to eradicate the stigma that makes you feel guilty in the first place. Help in your community with efforts to build literacy on cannabis. Contribute your knowledge to brands like Canndora, or in forums online that help people understand why people use cannabis. Have important conversations with your schools, your friend’s groups, and your colleagues, and even your kids about cannabis, and be the change this movement needs to enact.

Be a Voice for All Mothers

Standing up for your cannabis use in the days of legalization is not only serving you personally and helping other cannabis mothers emerge, it’s sending a strong message to other mothers about the importance of letting go of guilt.

Cannabis use is self-care, and that doesn’t need to be justified. In the life of a woman, and a mother, self-care should be non-negotiable. It’s something that needs to be taken on now, not later. It’s essential for a mother to engage in self-care to perform at her best in the most important role of her life.

By sharing your cannabis journey, you spread the message to other moms that it’s not only okay but essential for a mother to take time to herself. Every mother doesn’t need to use cannabis as self-care; by modeling the way of focusing on yourself, you may just urge someone to sign up for that art class, take a day at the spa, or start that passion project she’s always wanted to do but never had the time.

Set Mothers Free with Cannabis

Emerging green doesn’t mean you have to shout your use of cannabis from the rooftops. You don’t need to post all over Instagram, or feel you need to explain yourself to everyone by showing all your cards. It’s more about just being about to say “yes, I do,” and perhaps, “here’s why,” when inquired about cannabis use without fear of repercussion. 

The cannabis movement is a breath of fresh air that many demographics can engage in with providing an overall benefit to society. In a time where legalization can at times outweigh the information and education, it’s up to those who know about cannabis to create and continue the dialogues about it.

If you’re a cannabis mother, know you’re not alone, and you’re in excellent company within this community of women at Canndora and the greater cannabis community. Please stay connected to us through our content that supports all women cannabis users, including mothers, and stay tuned to our shop to see what we have to offer in terms of our Subscription Box and accessories, curated by women for women.

Sending all mothers the best cannabis wishes of encouragement to live authentically as the cannabis queen you are. 

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