With major strides in legalization across American states and Canada, you may be finding yourself invited to cannabis-infused nuptials in the next few years.

“Weed weddings” are on the rise in popularity, with couples uniting in holy green matrimony with all their loved ones. A bong hit solidifies their union, and an evening of cannabis infusions sets the tone for the evening’s festivities.

The Elevated Wedding Planner

Wedding planners and planning agencies are emerging by the dozens with the recent uptake of cannabis-infused weddings. They’re taking the need for the cannabis-enthusiastic friends and relatives to sneak out back for a puff, by providing bongs on the dinner tables, and dab bars for guests to retrieve uplifting buzzes to cut a rug on the dancefloor.

Wedding planners showcase their various services at big events like the Cannabis Wedding Expo in Colorado and California, displaying an impressive list of vendors offering their infused and elevated services.

They take their knowledge of cannabis, and their expertise in events planning to execute the perfectly elevated event, that will have guests floating on their best highs through only the best cannabis selections.

Elegant, Elevated, Infused, and Classy

It’s important to note that cannabis weddings are nothing but classy. They don’t seek to perpetuate stoner culture, but rather tastefully include the appreciation and acceptance for cannabis within their ceremony and celebrations. Top cannabis chefs rise to the occasion to blend culinary masterpieces with cannabis infusions, making sure to include options for those who don’t want to partake.

Decorators gracefully include the beautiful, lush green cannabis leaf in decorations, including altarpieces, centerpieces, and the bride and groom florals.

While consumption is always encouraged, it’s completely optional for those who want to partake. Pre-rolls, dab bars, bongs at the table, and only the finest in cannabis products grace the event venue.

While public consumption and social use rules vary across locations, cannabis couples are finding legal ways to ensure their favorite flower is included in their biggest days, with the help of a team of weed wedding specialists eager to infuse the event with green.

Incredible Planners, Artists & Vendors for Your Weed Wedding

If you’re sold on the idea of a cannabis wedding, it’s never too early to start planning. States in the USA are continuing to work towards recreational legalization, and we’ll have a green light across Canada this year.

There’s a few emerging cannabis wedding planners, chefs, photographers, and budtenders ready to serve your guests at your nuptials. Here are a few impressive people in the cannabis world who would make an excellent addition to your cannabis wedding:

The Planners

Located in North America, cannabis wedding planners are cropping up to serve the specific needs and interests of cannabis couples. WeedWeddings.ca is a Canadian company that seeks to connect couples with cannabis-friendly vendors for the canna-nuptials. CannaBride.com serves some of the legal cannabis states in the USA and has a great website resource for 420-friendly vendors. Irie Weddings and Events also provides some excellent services, including Buds and Blossoms, which incorporates cannabis into floral arrangements.

The Photographer

If you’re in Canada, love photography, and are in the cannabis community, chances are you’ve come across the beautiful work of MaryBeth Lafferty. Specializing in boudoir, portraits and offering wedding packages, Lafferty also is a creative director and consultant for cannabis brands. Naturally, MaryBeth would be a great person to consult if you’re interested to meld wedding photography with a cannabis-infused event.

To connect with a photographer in the USA, Bess Byers of imcannabess is a leading cannabis photographer. While she isn’t a wedding photographer, she does have a branch of photography focused on lifestyle, showing people at their best, enjoying cannabis.

The Food

It’s difficult to feature just one cannabis chef, as they are becoming so highly regarded in both culinary and cannabis circles with their cannabis mastery. The Green Chef located out of Toronto has begun cannabis catering. Chefs like Jaime Lewis, located in Colorado, seeks to be a “culinary rock star” using only fresh, living ingredients for the infused recipes she makes from scratch.

While there are a lot of cannabis chefs to be found, their work may not be as obvious due to regulations. This is where it’s helpful to use your personal network, or the greater cannabis community online, to get the info on who is cooking and catering with cannabis.

The Wares

You want your wedding smoking accessories to look absolutely stunning and as elegant as you are on the big day. Choose a simple accessory with class, like those offered by Jane West. You can get her x Grav Bubbler collection in cloud white, making it look like a wedding decoration as much as something to smoke cannabis with.

Visit your local head shops to see if there are some neat pieces that you can adorn your table with, and even have as a keepsake for the cannabis couple. These also make excellent wedding gifts and wedding party gifts.

Don’t forget about the THC molecule necklace available with Canndora that makes the perfect accessory for brides and those who stand with her.

The Weed

This is where the way you acquire cannabis for a weed wedding is subject to the laws of your state, country or province. Naturally, weed weddings will become more common when it’s possible to grab your favors right off store shelves, and you may even be able to hire a budtender for the night to help with canna service.

Be aware of social use or public consumption rules in your area or in the place you’re hosting your event. The last thing you want is your weed wedding to be broken up by not-so-happy revelers in blue uniforms.

Inhale the Cannabis, Exhale the Love

The most important thing about a cannabis wedding is that it is a day to wholly honor the love between a couple.

While cannabis may be in the background, the day is all about the two who have brought people together to celebrate. It’s the couple’s prerogative to celebrate the day in the way that best represents them.

Relax, inhale some of the best cannabis, and exhale the love as you get planning for your big weed wedding day!

**Photo Credits**: @mlaffertyphoto and @blumandgrow 

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