Meet Amie, a dedicated mom of three boys from Vancouver Island. She runs her own blog aptly called Mommy’s Inside Voice where she gives her honest and sassy take on parenthood and more. Since Amie recently emerged green on social media, we wanted to pick her brain on cannabis and parenthood.

A Personal Connection to Cannabis

Having grown up in rural Alberta, Amie didn’t know about the medicinal benefits of the holy herb until later in life. “It wasn’t until I met my now husband, learned of what he does for a living (growing under government supervision) that I started to look into the facts myself. Since then I have not only educated myself on all of the incredible benefits and uses of cannabis, but I have been able to help myself cope with symptoms of PTSD and anxio-depression. Cannabis has helped me to become a better, more connected and involved mother, and has helped nudge me to start my own healing process.”

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The Complexities of Legalization

When it comes to the upcoming legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada, Amie candidly addresses the complexities that come with it. “On one hand, it’s incredible to know that a wrongly portrayed, powerful medicine will now be available to those that really need it. On the other hand, there are a lot of regulations that are coming into effect that don’t make sense. The fact that it is about to be legalized, but not decriminalized. That the laws will defer from province to province. The regulations that are being put into place as far as ‘driving under the influence’ of cannabis are completely insane.”

Without a doubt, it will take some time for the government to regulate all the different aspects of this complex industry. From production to distribution and marketing, it will be a huge learning curve for the Canadian government as we are only the second nation to legalize cannabis nationwide, and all eyes will be on Canada.

On the medical research front, there’s still a lot of work to be done. Amie hopes to see more in-depth clinical trials on the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. We’ve all heard about the potential health benefits of cannabis for treating chronic pain, relieving stress and preventing age-degenerative diseases. However, more money needs to be invested in medical research, and we need to see a greater push for transparent reporting.

Breaking the “Stoner Mom” Stereotype

Going public about cannabis consumption on social media takes a lot of courage and oftentimes receives mixed reactions, especially when you’re a mom. “A ‘stoner mom’ was something that I wasn’t ashamed of…but knowing the level of ignorance on the topic is still rampant, I was nervous to make that little tidbit of info public. I finally realized that keeping silent about my own personal experience with cannabis was perpetuating that ignorance.” Amie saw this as an opportunity to use her platform to educate her audience about the benefits of cannabis, and encourage them to do their own research. While a few people chose to unfollow Amie on social media after posting about her cannabis use, she also received an unbelievable amount of support from other parents who also consume cannabis.

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Settings Boundaries

When it comes to cannabis consumption, some moms feel guilty about it due to the negative stereotype attached to it. Yes, you can still be an amazing mom and enjoy a few puffs at the end of the day. With that being said, Amie and her husband have established clear boundaries about their cannabis use at home. “We don’t smoke in front of our children, ever. We keep our medicine stored safely, and we never go overboard where we wouldn’t be in a good headspace to safely care for our kids. Mothering three little boys is TOUGH work. The constant screaming, the mess of toys, the demands, and the never-ending to-do list. It’s a lot for anybody. If I can excuse myself to take a little toke off of my vaporizer pen out on the back porch and return as a calm, level-headed, fun-loving alternative to my regular stressed out self…then, frankly, I see that as a gift to my children.”

Talking to Your Kids About Cannabis

Amie and her husband believe that honesty is the best policy and maintain an open discussion about cannabis with her kids, highlighting the fact that cannabis is a medicinal plant. “We have always been very honest with our children when they ask. We explain to them that it’s a plant that people use as medicine. For example, Daddy uses it for his back injury; it helps him manage the pain. We know that times are changing and that people are valuing private research over letting themselves be spoon-fed by ‘the powers that be.’ We recognize that soon, this won’t be such a controversial topic and we want our children to know the facts, without stigmatizing it.”

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The Right Side of History

Cannabis is making history as is it and hopefully setting precedence for other countries to legalize cannabis. Like many, Amie is enthusiastic about the future of cannabis and will continue to educate others about it. “Keep sharing information, keep educating people, having respectful conversations. Open minds, share your story. This incredible medicine has the potential to revitalize our planet with its textiles, to reverse medical epidemics and to enlighten peaceful mindsets.” We totally agree with you Amie, and this is why you’re our new favourite stoner mom!

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