As legalization date approaches, we love to hear the stories of individuals from different walks of life, and their experience with cannabis. We recently met Joyce Leung at our “Women & Cannabis” event in Oakville and were intrigued by her CBD gummies recipe. Check out the full recipe on her blog, the “The Joyce of Cooking“. Marketing manager by day and food blogger by night, we chatted with Joyce about her approach to health and her experience cooking with CBD.

A Holistic Approach to Health

Joyce is a strong believer in “you are what you eat” and paying attention to what you put into your body. “I never take cold medicines and have probably taken one Tylenol in the last 8 years. I really try to avoid any drugs that are manufactured and processed. I just do not see how putting that stuff is good for your body.”

With the growing media coverage about the health benefits of cannabis, Joyce grew curious about what the plant has to offer. “I have been hearing more and more about how cannabis can heal everything from headaches to even different types of cancers and was intrigued! I use other natural products like essential oils to help with any issues I might be having (like shoulder pain, headaches, and other minor stuff like that).”

However, Joyce was initially deterred from experimenting with CBD oil due to the lack of reputable and trustworthy information available about it. “I have been dying to try using CBD oil for some time now but since it is considered “illegal” it is not very easy to find reputable and trustworthy information on it. With the legalization coming soon for Canada, more and more people are opening up to how they grow and use cannabis which means way more resources to learn about it which is awesome!”

First Impressions

One day, Joyce decided to try CBD oil to help ease a headache and she was surprisingly pleased by the results. “I had a killer headache that day and it was perfect to try a drop of the oil to see if it will do anything for me! Within 20 minutes, I felt like a new person! I was shocked that a natural plant can do so much. After having success with it for my headache, my brain started going into overdrive on all the different ways I can use CBD oil.”

Cooking with CBD Oil

While it is commonly administered sublingually, CBD oil can also be incorporated into recipes. Being a food lover and blogger, Joyce loves being able to create recipes that are not only delicious and nutritious but are also healing (thanks to the addition of a few drops of CBD oil). “Can we say win, win? Who doesn’t want to eat gummies that taste delicious and cures your headaches? Seriously, sign me up!”

Check out her video tutorial on how to make CBD gummies:

What about the Taste?

CBD oil is known to have a strong earthy taste which some people dislike. So how do you minimize the taste of CBD oil when incorporating them into recipes? “Many people have asked about the taste of CBD oil in general and how recipes using the oil taste like. It really depends on which oil you are using. Some people use a stronger oil, which can be stronger in taste. Generally speaking, if you are mixing it into recipes that have a stronger taste, you will not notice the oil at all! In my gummy recipe, you cannot taste the CBD oil at all. CBD oil works really well in dishes like Thai or Indian curries since it has a bold flavour on its own already.”

Experimenting with Dosage

Cooking with CBD oil takes a bit of experimenting since the dosage needs to be tweaked to each person’s needs. “Everyone is different and are likely using a different brand of CBD oil. What I would and have been recommending to people is to think about the serving sizes of the recipe. For example, if you are making four servings of a salad dressing, you will add enough CBD oil for 4 of YOUR dosages. If you are making gummies and you know you cannot resist eating just one, you can add less CBD oil in the batch knowing you will probably eat a few gummies!”

The Post-Legalization Future

When thinking about the post-legalization future, Joyce will continue to experiment with CBD-infused recipes and hopes to see people adopt a more natural approach towards health. “I hope to continue to share my CBD oil-infused recipes and hope you come along for the ride! I am excited to see how legalization will change people’s view on cannabis and hope more doctors and people will use more natural products to heal their bodies!”

Follow Joyce’s food journey on her blog “The Joyce of Cooking” and on Instagram.

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