Cannabis Culture: Cannabis Industry Trends

From fun new products to tech innovations, this is our roundup of what’s hot in cannabis culture to help you live an elevated life.

Ganja Yoga

Made popular by a highly publicized San Francisco studio, Ganja Yoga is – as you may have guessed – yoga class under the influence of cannabis.

Several locations in many major cities nationwide now offer Ganja Yoga classes.

Rules vary, but don’t expect to buy, sell or smoke inside at most. Some allow vaping, – but for the most part, Ganja Yoga classes play by the rules of legalization.

What you’ll get is a cannabis-consumer friendly class geared to relaxation and melding mind and body – principles both yogis and cannabis consumers hold close to heart.

A wonderful reason to say ‘Ohm….’

Safer Consumption

Rolling up a joint and passing it around in a circle used to be the standard way to consume cannabis. Now, with new technology and emerging legalization across Canada and the United States, new (and seemingly safer) ways to relax are increasing in popularity.  

Expect to see more edibles including an uptick of confectionary, and an increase in cannabis haute cuisine and savoury options.

CBD oil itself has seen a huge rise in popularity as well, as a safer way to consume cannabis and to treat a variety of medical conditions.

Be sure to educate yourself about any new cannabis product you try to avoid negative experiences and potentially embarrassing or dangerous situations.

Weed Weddings

Alcohol is commonplace at many wedding receptions, so why not weed?

2017 marked the first-ever Cannabis Wedding Expo in Denver, and since then they have been popping up regularly in major cities across the US and Canada.

The Cannabis Wedding Expo website boasts sophisticated ways to bring weed into your special day – like cannabis mixed into boutonnieres, and bouquets, perfectly rolled joints in pretty mason jars, and cannabis-themed takeaways to remember the special day.

weed wedding

Think open cannabis bars with ‘budtenders’ that create signature cannabis mixes for you, and beautiful glass bongs as practical, artful centrepieces. What’s not to love?

Cannabis-Infused Cocktails and Beyond

Weed-infused wine has been around for centuries (and was thought to treat pain in ancient China).

There are  plenty of weed cocktail recipes online, plus you can find hemp-infused products already on shelves.

Come December 2019 when edible regulations come into effect we can’t wait to see what creative cocktails and drinks aficionados come up with.

Uptick in Home Delivery and Apps Catered to Finding Cannabis

Most of us are familiar with Weedmaps and Where’s Weed, the easiest ways to find local doctors and dispensaries with reliable ratings from other cannabis connoisseurs.

There are also apps like strainprint, that helps you track your consumption so you can learn what effects you and how.

With legalization progressing, there’s no telling where weed and technology will take us.

What do you love most about cannabis culture? Let us know in the comments!

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