The holidays are a fun time of year… most of the time. Intertwined with Christmas cheer is often the stress of purchasing last minute gifts, decorating, cooking, travel and preparing for guests, especially family.

The holidays don’t have to be as stressful as everyone anticipates it can be, especially with cannabis: “Santa’s (and Momma’s) Little Green Helper”.

Canndora has pulled together some great tips to help take the edge off with cannabis, while taking the holidays as a time to truly (and sanely) embrace the cheer of the season.

Here’s how to make your holiday season extra bright:

Prepare in Advance

Those in Canada know that Canada Post is facing some extreme labour shortages this holiday season due to a strike. If you want to ensure you have your stash of cannabis prepared for the holiday season, order now from your provincial legal cannabis store.

If you’re fortunate enough to live in a city that has brick and mortar shops, take December to collect a few products throughout the month that you can stash up for the days over the holidays when cannabis stores will likely be closed.

Since it may be difficult to get out for a joint or a pipe hit during the holidays, experiment with some of the products that offer alternative methods of consumption that are now available on the legal market. Cannabis oils allow you to ingest your cannabis orally or sublingually (under the tongue). Cannabis capsules are something you can easily pop to feel the effects of cannabis once it gets through your bloodstream. No one will be any the wiser about your elevation using these methods of consumption.

Prepare Holiday Infusions

While sources say that Canada will likely release regulations for edibles in the legal market over the holidays, it’s highly unlikely we’ll be able to purchase edibles this year. The holidays are a perfect time to experiment with edible infusions.

Last month, Canndora featured a blog about making your cannabis edibles at home. The holidays are a perfect time to embrace edibles while making your holiday baked goods, giving you options for holiday treats that are infused or non-infused for those who do not partake.

Learn all about edibles and dosing on our blog and then check out some of these amazing holiday recipes for infused treats and beverages:

If you do prepare infusions, make sure they are stored away from the view of children and pets. Make sure they’re thoroughly labelled and that consumers will understand their dosage.

Give the Gift that Keeps on Giving

Canndora has spent all year planning for the holidays, ensuring that we’re collecting the best and hottest cannabis accessories to deliver to your doorstep.

We’ve put together the High Spirits Holiday Edition Box, filled with some of the best cannabis accessories found in North America.

This special High Spirits Holiday Edition Box includes the SHINE 24K gold blunt back by popular demand. This is a must-have for the most fun occasions. Take advantage of the “all you’ll ever need” Genius Pipe, the perfect, discreet and stylish piece for the pipe lover you in your life. Set the mood right with our “Indica-ndle” from Mood & Co. A HOT stocking stuffer addition this season! Enjoy your new stash tin and comical girly message.

Consider getting this special edition box for a cannabis-loving friend for the holidays that will give her the gift that truly keeps on giving. Level up your gift giving for your best elevated friend by subscribing to the Canndora Subscription Box. Right now for $250, you can purchase 3 seasonal Canndora Boxes, that will deliver seasonal cannabis accessory picks to the doorstep, promising a year’s worth of amazing surprises.

For smaller gifts for elevated friends and family (and why not some for yourself), take a look at our whole collection, where you can buy individualized pieces from the Canndora boxes.

Shake Up the Dinnertime Conversation

This year, cannabis made incredible strides across North America with the legalization of cannabis in Canada and several states voting for cannabis on the ballot of the recent U.S. midterm elections. Now, cannabis is out in the open, and this may be your time to share a different kind of conversation with your family and friends.

As a cannabis advocate, pose some interesting questions to your dinnertime crew about cannabis legalization. What do they think about it? Have they had any experience with cannabis in their lives that they’d like to share? What are some big questions that they have about cannabis now that it’s more accessible?

This is your time to speak up for cannabis, and help spread accurate and positive information about the plant we all know and love. You may find naysayers sharing in your Christmas cheer, but this is your time to turn the tides of old ways of thinking around cannabis.

Relax, and Enjoy with Those You Love

The holidays will only be stressful if you let them be. Take some time to adequately plan your holidays so to avoid the last minute rush, and try not to overextend yourself when it comes to visits and family obligations.

Knowing you’ll have your cannabis in hand will help you take the edge off while gracefully demonstrating how cannabis helps calm the nerves to allow for nothing but the enjoyment of this special season.

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