Looking for above-and-beyond Valentine’s Day dinner ideas? Whether you’re planning a romantic tête-à-tête or an evening in with friends, we rounded up 6 recipes for cannabis lovers to indulge in. From drinks to dessert, we got you covered for a lovely elevated night.

For those who enjoy a drink or two: Paste’s Cannabis Infused Cocktails

For the cheese lovers: Cannabis Now’s Cannabis-Infused PBR Fondue Recipe

For the pasta lovers: Leafly’s Infused Chicken Parmesan and Pasta Recipe

For the seafood lovers: Vice’s Banana-Leaf-Wrapped Sea Bass with Fresh Salsa and Cannabis Oil Recipe 

For the veggie lovers: Sous Weed’s Trippy Veggie Tart Recipe

For those with a sweet tooth: Higher Mentality’s Cheesecake Recipe

Nothing says “I love you” like weed and food (especially when it’s homemade).

If that’s not enough cannabis for one night, check out our post on How to Make your own Canna-lube for a different kind of high and all night fun.

What are your plans for this Valentine’s Day?

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