Create the weed-ing of your dreams with these classy cannabis wedding tips. 

From San Francisco to Calgary, cannabis wedding events are popping up everywhere, with some brides choosing to include more than $8,000 worth of cannabis in their special day. We don’t all have pockets that deep, so we’ve rounded up 12 simple ways to integrate cannabis into your wedding.  

It’s all in the Planning

If you’d like to integrate cannabis into your wedding it’s a good idea to get support from the pros, as discretion could be key depending on the crowd. Consider reaching out to an expert cannabis wedding planner like Laureen from Lifted Events. Laureen and her husband Corey are behind the Canadian Cannabis Wedding Expo which is being touted as the first of its kind in Canada.

Elizabeth Corr and Nora Sheils of Bridal Bliss, an event planning service that caters to Portland and Seattle-area festivities explains that couples want to make everyone comfortable. She explains to Leafly“We consider it a huge success when we hear from a guest afterward that they didn’t even know the weed tent was at the wedding. The bride and groom did not want it to be a focal point, but rather something that guests could enjoy if desired.”

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Beautiful Buds & Blooms

Cannabis florists do exist, but if you have a hard time finding one you can DIY with your own buds. Nothing about these beauties say stoner wedding to us, this is classy cannabis all the way. We suggest pairing flowing buds, leaves or potted plants with your favourite blooms to create beautiful and classy cannabis centrepieces, floral crown. Bouquets and boutonnieres for your weed wedding.

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Cannabis Bomboniere and Wedding Guest Gifts

Want to leave your guest with a beautiful weed-themed wedding gift to take home? Consider cannabis-themed bombonieres like pre-roll cones. These cannabis gifts for wedding guests come in a customizable 6 pack.

Your Emerald Village

Integrating cannabis into your theme can be subtle. We love this emerald green, gold and grey take. It’s gorgeous, timeless and can withstand any season. We also love this THC molecule necklace, another discreet way to integrate cannabis into your wedding, tell the world while only telling those who know.

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Give Thanks to Your Squad

These people have stood by your side, held your hand and maybe even your hair. You love them enough to include them in your day, enjoy these perfect gifts made for weed loving wedding parties. Canndora carries beautiful gifts that can say thank you for standing up for love.

The Canndora cannabis-themed wedding gifts including quartz pipes, curated boxes and pre-rolls make great gifts. Check out the Canndora lineup of cannabis wedding gifts.

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The Perfect Gift for your Cannabis Bride or Groom

Surprise your partner, friend, cannabis-loving bride or weed enthused groom, with the Canndora limited edition curated Wedding Boxes. Quartz pipes, gold and black pre-rolls and gold blunts make the perfect gift for a weeding.

Get in your Moment

For many couples, cannabis plays a key part of their rituals and time together. Cannabis-loving couples should try to make time to relax and connect about your big day. It’s your day, make sure you do what feels right to you.

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Bring in Experts & Get Responsible

If you’ve decided to share some of your homegrown at your adult nuptials, be sure to share all that you can about the strains. Companies like High Bar make educated cannabis consumption easy.

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Wedding Chicks suggest trying “cannabis tokens” encouraging responsible consumption. Each guest receives 3 – 4 tokens which they can redeem for a small hit of cannabis, or a very low dose edible, or a very low dose of “canna cocktail” (1.5 – 2 milligrams of THC or CBD) to ensure that guests are not over-consuming.

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Consider an infused menu

Rachelle Harris, who runs a San Diego-based bakery called Got Sweetz, ventured into CBD oil-infused desserts less than two years ago. Although she spent nearly a decade in the traditional bakery goods space, she couldn’t ignore the significant uptick in customers who wanted a feel-good wedding cake.

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Feed that Sweet Tooth

Out this world sweets are always appreciated by cannabis consumers. Dress up your day with a creative donut display, feeding those munchies one sweet tooth at a time. Check out this donut bar, creative and beautiful, guests are sure to enjoy.

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The Late Night Snack & Ubers

Consider a late-night food truck to add a little happiness to the end of the evening. Consider having cabs/ubers on the ready to make getting home, full and satisfied, safe and easy.

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Get Sexy with Cannabis on Your Wedding Night

From cannabis lube, infused oils and sexy accessories, integrate cannabis into your night and learn about how cannabis can enhance your sex life. Consider this ready to infuse bubble bath from Soak Life to relax with your partner. Consider grabbing High on Love massage oil to enjoy each other and get a few fancy pre-rolls together so you barely have to leave the bed.

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Remember, it’s your day. Make it what you want and enjoy yourselves. If you’re looking for advice on emerging green to your family, check out our tips here.

The most important part is that you make your day your very own.

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