From bud bouquets to cannabis open bars, Bloomburg reports, legal weed has been making an impact on the wedding scene.

Here are 6 brides owning their weed weddings.

Serena & Jeff

Cannabis Infused Wedding

Source: The Daily Mail

Serena Bhatia, 27, and Jeff Baleja, 29, tied the knot in California in a weed-themed wedding. The bride tells ‘We didn’t really ever envision a wedding without this because of how involved it is in our lives and how often we partake’.

The couple, who are regular cannabis consumers, offered guests a variety of ways to consume by setting up stations around the venue manned by ‘budtenders’

‘It’s very important that we share cannabis together and our guests,’ Jeff tells at the reception. ‘It’s just a bonding moment; it’s very important.

Dani & Zac

Source: ABC 7 News

Dani Walton met her husband Zac always wanted to have a cannabis-themed wedding. “We both deal with health issues, and together, cannabis has gotten us off of all the prescription medications,” explains Dani.

Dani works at Harborside, the world’s largest cannabis dispensary — so it wasn’t too tough to get the supplies. “My groomsmen all had little bud boutonnieres and then I had joints for everyone,” she said proudly. Dani provided options and choice for her guests, “If you wanted to partake in the hash bar, you could go to the hash bar… if you wanted to have wine and beer, you can go to the normal bar.”

High Herstory Production

High Style; Luxurious Weed Wedding Ideas | Claire Eliza | High Herstory | Sarah Seven 55Source: Bridal Musings

The women-centric cannabis brand High Herstory produced a luxurious, high-style wedding that proves that cannabis and weddings have huge potential.

Claire Eliza photographed the hip and elegant event. Bridal Musings reports the highlights include “CBD oils to calm those wedding nerves, THC chocolate favors for guests, a weed-laced wedding cake (of course!), marijuana inspired fashion, elegant yet functional bong vases, and of course, the pièce de résistance – the spliff bar.”

Zoe & Gregory

Trend Alert: Wedding Dabs, Source: Julie Hanna Photography


Zoe and Gregory were married in a chapel. The couple combined traditions like obligatory cake-cutting and alter photos, with private dab photos, which have become an instant hit.

“We aren’t drinkers and are daily dabbers so it just seemed right.” explains bride Zoe Schreiber.

Not everyone attending the ceremony was as tolerant of legal cannabis integration. In order to make everyone comfortable, Zoe explains, “we took the time with our photographer while we were alone to get these pictures. Parts of our family are not tolerant of cannabis and we didn’t want to stir the pot. There was, however, plenty [of] vape pens being passed amongst our friends, even some family during the reception.”

Jen and Tristan 

The happy couple

Source: Irie Weddings and Events

Jen and Tristan describe themselves as cannabis advocates who were lost when it came to coordinating all the details that come along with a wedding. They were thrilled with the support of their wedding planner and the happy couple gushes that “the bud bar was great and left a lasting impression for all of our guests. We couldn’t be happier with our choice of going with Irie Weddings & Events”.

Jen and Tristan describe their special day as  “a sophisticated, fun and educational for everyone at our wedding!” From from a stoner wedding, classy cannabis is more like it.

Canndora’s Top Weed Wedding: Nikki and Alec

Source: Le Festine Events

Canndora’s top pick, a wedding described as “Love, life, friends, family and some greens” Nikki and Alec’s special day, incorporated all things Cannabis. The wedding took place on 04/20 and of course started on 4:20 pm, with 4 in their bridal party and 20 of their closest friends and family.

Le Festine Events created a bohemian affair, complete with a Canna Lounge, canna cocktails, an infused cake, amazing “interactive” food and of course a mini concert. Guests were sent home with personalized “Munchies Bags” and were shuttled in and out to ensure safe travels and good times.

More beautiful photography from our favourite cannabis wedding:

Classy Bud Tenders

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