Calling out Mom-Guilt, asking for it to take a backseat. 

Katie PringleI don’t know about you, but I am tired of the mom-guilt attached to taking a break and taking time for myself, which is almost always self-imposed.

For me, the mom-guilt shows up often; meeting my friends for dinner, getting a manicure, having a glass of wine, or consuming cannabis is often accompanied by feelings of guilt; a kind of guilt that really only popped up after kids.

It’s not surprising that mom-guilt deeply infiltrates the world of moms and cannabis.

Personally, I can’t help but care about how people perceive me, because I work hard to earn a good reputation. I worry, at times, that my children could be judged for my career and personal choices. Even my closest friends can (unintentionally) make me feel judged about cannabis– I never want my children to be looped into that.

Why I Choose Cannabis

I like how cannabis mellows me out and makes me calm.  I like how it makes me more creative, and less judgemental of my own work. Some strains make me super focused; writing after consuming allows me to flow more freely, and to stop hitting that backspace button so often.

If I had to choose weed or wine, it would be weed, without question. Yet, despite all of this confidence surrounding cannabis, I’m still left feeling secretive around some audiences.

Are My Reasons Valid Enough?

Canndora, Elevated AccessoriesHere is why cannabis works for me, I work too hard, live with anxiety, and get stressed; consuming cannabis makes me feel less stressed and helps me to become more focused and productive.

I’m always living with this personal and professional conundrum: As someone working in the industry I should be far more secure about my own cannabis use, but then I realize that just like the rest of Canada, I’m learning to accept this amazing new chapter of legal cannabis.

In my life and in my work, I’m committed to normalizing cannabis’ recreational, wellness and medicinal benefits and opportunities.

Will the End to Stigma Come Soon? I doubt it.

Plenty of my women friends proudly swig back the wine to take a load off, and no judgment here, but I wonder when in this post-legalization era it will become just as normal to be the mom at the schoolyard who enjoys cannabis, works in the cannabis industry, or chooses cannabis over alcohol?

While I am optimistic about cannabis’ future, I doubt 2019 is going to be the year that we end stigma, mom-guilt, and secrecy. 

I’m doing my part by having honest conversations with those who are interested, so let’s talk!

I would love to hear from mothers in legalized communities. How have things progressed in your cities? Anything you can share about what it’s been like for you to emerge “green” in your life and work?

Signed, that mom putting too much pressure on herself.

Katie Pringle

Canndora Co-Founder

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