The Her(b) life creates content within the cannabis space. 

Their focus is on celebrating the feminine cannabis experience while promoting inclusivity, diversity and amplifying the marketing messages of our partners. 

We are thrilled to have partnered with the ladies of Her(B) Life in our recent #FierceFounders edition and here is what they have shared! 

Gill Polard and CEO, Charlie Snow pictured above

What was the journey like creating the second edition of Her(B) Life Magazine?

This was a real labour of love, we really enjoyed the process. In particular, I’m really excited about the caliber of contributors once again. For this volume, we reached out to experts like Dan Sutton, Adolofo Gonzalez, Sarah Leamon and Amanda Seibert who each wrote about various aspects of the cannabis industry or culture.

A project like this is very time-consuming with many moving parts but luckily we have an incredible team and our managing editor Dessy Pavlova is an angel.  

You’ve gone through some internal changes this past year. Charlie, what’s been the most exciting experience as you transitioned to become the CEO of Her(B) Life?

I’ve loved seeing all the new projects we have worked on come to fruition. Building a team that has supported us as we’ve worked to build the platforms we have has been really exciting. Not only working on the magazine but the audio and visual content we are now producing is what really drives me and why I was so exciting to come on board and help bring these projects to life.

Can you share a pinch of what readers can look forward to with the download or the hardcopy 2nd edition?

This issue explores topics such as the origin of the 420 movement, frontline workers in the cannabis space, amnesty for non-violent cannabis offenses, landrace strains and how meditation and cannabis compliment one another.

One of our favourite spreads to work on was a photographic time travel journey created by The Ladies of Paradise to delve into the many ways cannabis has been used throughout the eras starting in ancient China and finishing up in modern day North America where legalization is gaining momentum.

Her(b) Life has been partnered twice with our team at Canndora- WOOHOO!! What makes your connection strong between these two brands?

Canndora takes all of our favourite things (smoking accessories, surprises, gifts to myself, cannabis-themed jewelry) and makes it easy to celebrate cannabis in a way that feels fresh and sophisticated. I love the things I’ve gotten in Canndora boxes and use them regularly and I hope that readers think of Her(B) Life as a go-to for content the way I think of Canndora as a go-to for gifts, either for my friends or for myself 🙂 In that regard, the partnerships feels so natural and appropriate.  

Where can our audience find Her(B) Life Magazine and where we can find you across Canada this spring?

The best place to find The Her(B) Life (other than in your spring #FierceFounders Edition) is online at where you can download a digital copy or order a physical one. We are also in select stockists across North America and on Amazon.

Receive your very own digital copy in our #FierceFounders edition – Order here

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