Well the best time of the year is upon us, winter has ended and it’s officially the first day of spring! Spring means it’s time to get outside, enjoy nature and entertain. This is the first Canadian spring since legalization on October 17th and in honour of that we wanted to give you some tips and ideas for optimizing your ritual outside this spring.

woman consuming cannabis outside this spring 

If you’re at home and you want to consume Cannabis outside the world is your oyster, you have pretty much every option available to you, which can be a blessing and a curse. Here are some of our favourite ways to consume cannabis outside at home:

Classic Joint
Nothing says “warm weather” than a nice joint outside on the patio. The joint is an OG favourite and because of the traditional cannabis smell it’s perfect for outside. If you’re entertaining this Spring why not elevate your joints with Canndora Darlings Pre-Rolls? Their the perfect accessory for BBQ’s or girls nights in.

If the smell of cannabis isn’t for you (or your neighbours) but you still enjoy the ritual of smoking, try vaping instead! Vaping still gives you the experience of smoking but it’s easier on your lungs and gives off little to no smell, which is perfect for apartments or townhouses with close neighbours.

Adding cannabis to cocktails or mocktails can be a fun way to bring a little more excitement to after work drinks or any gathering. There are lots of different ways you can add cannabis to mixed drinks, including infusing your own alcohol or syrup, or you can also add pre-made Cannabis oil that you can buy from your local dispensary (or at the OCS) to the drink of your choice. A lot of the cannabis oils available have little to no taste so you can add them to almost any drink with minimal cannabis taste.

Why not get fancy and infuse some yummy treats for your next outdoor party? Edibles can be more than brownies and gummies. Try serving up some BBQ party favourites with an elevated twist, like these super easy Rice Krispies, or these light and tangy lemon cupcakes. If you’d prefer something for a main course check out this great Mary Jane’s Marijuana Barbecue Sauce recipe from Cannabis Cheri.

women consuming cannabis outside this spring with cocktails

In Public
Consuming cannabis outside in public is a little more complicated. Not all provinces have the same rules and municipalities can have a say as well. In the end if you’re unsure a pretty good rule of thumb is if you can’t smoke tobacco somewhere then chances are you can’t smoke cannabis there either..

Soft gels
If you want the ease of an edible but don’t want to bother with making them yourself why not try a soft gel? When you’re on the go a soft gel can be better than oil because you don’t need to worry about dealing with administering oil, you can just take the correct dose via soft gel instead.

Well there you have it, you’re all set to get consuming all Spring long. What do you think about our list? What’s your favourite way to consume outside? Let us know!

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