So Kim Kardashian just had a cannabis-themed baby shower. We’ll do you one better! Mother’s Day (and we mean from sunrise to sundown) is on May 12 and the team at Canndora has some elevated ideas for mama dearest!

Rise (high) and shine!

A card, waffles and strawberries and a cuppa are all lovely but we are in legalized Canada baby, so make the most of it! Let mommy dearest wake up to the sweet aroma of freshly infused coffee, coupled with this righteous recipe for infused vegan waffles or if she leans more towards the savoury,  you could whip up this delightful eggs benedict. While she’s mid-chomp and about to take off on her tiny cloud of happiness, top off her perfect morning by presenting her with a beautiful gift; like a Canndora Editors Box!

mothers day cannabis stoner mom

Mid-day merriment

Keep the festivities going with a movie date- at home! And since movies and munchies have an unbreakable bond, whip up some infused popcorn with some homemade cannabutter and some gummies and you are all set! Netflix has you covered with a pretty mixed bag of cinematic delights- for the mom who’s into dorky humour, there’s The Benchwarmers, for the Rogen fan, there’s Pineapple Express or his other bromedy with James Franco- The Interview. If you’re into a mother-daughter flick you can watch Mother’s Day, Ladybird or Snatched.If you aren’t digging any of those just watch Planet Earth– high or not, this is one must-watch experience for the nature loving mom. (Psst! Want to plan ahead for dinner? Check out Cooking on High on Netflix – a cool, competitive, cannabis cooking show with chefs conjuring some pretty trippy recipes- stoner souffles and ganja mole salad to name just a few!)

mothers day cannabis stoner mom

Get your culture on

Time to peel yourselves off the couch and explore the outdoors, now that mom is suitably primed! Hit the park! Like High Park in Toronto or if you are on the West Coast, Stanley Park in downtown Vancouver is just as scenic with quiet, serene nooks to enjoy your smoke (note, some public parks do not allow smoking, so be sure to check before you go and always be curtious to others). If mom’s an art aficionado, trust us, the stunning exhibits at the ROM and the lush exuberance of nature at the Montreal Biodome appear doubly wondrous after indulging in some top-grade vapors or a good old- fashioned joint. At the top of our list though is Japanese artist, Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirrors exhibit, that’s on at the AGO till May 24. Have mom lose herself in Kusama’s brilliant multimedia installations and mesmerizing kaleidoscopic vision but remind her – dinner awaits!

mothers day cannabis stoner mom

Soak and chill

After you enjoy a weed-infused spread and wash it down with a hippie highball it’s time for mom to unfurl into a divine CBD bath and soak in some pinene infused goodness. She could relax while munching on some delectable chocolate cannabis cookies or deep dive into one of these riveting reads.

mothers day cannabis stoner mom

So, this Mother’s Day, celebrate your cannabis-loving mama any way she likes- with an infused meal, a DIY oil making session or a walk in the woods! Be sure to celebrate her spirit and all that is female and most importantly, stay safe!

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