Oakville #CanndoraConnect

In June Canndora held our second #CanndoraConnect event after the success of our first in Vancouver held in May. Women from across the GTA gathered for an afternoon of authentic connection and collaboration. The event started with a Public Relations chat with Canndora and Marigold PR Co-founder Bridget Hoffer and Megan Henderson, formerly of the Growth Op. PR is a huge component of cannabis companies’ communications strategies in Canada because of the limited advertising opportunities. It was such a treat to be able to learn from two pros about the best PR practices for cannabis companies in Canada.  

Oakville #CanndoraConnect

Next on the docket was something everyone loves talking about; marketing! Our marketing panel was full of expert cannabis marketers including Marigold PR & Canndora Co-founder Katie Pringle, Ahlot’s Kaitlyn Ho, Strainprint’s Jess Moran, Hotbox Founder Abi Roach and moderated by Canndora’s Community Manager Tracy Collier. Each member of our panel is involved in a different aspect of the cannabis community, which made for very insightful conversation. 

oakville #Canndoraconnect

The last panel of the afternoon was incredibly insightful and surprisingly fun considering we were discussing cannabis regulations and compliance. Panelists Mark Asfar of Momentum Law, Megan Henderson, and Bridget Hoffer are self-described compliance nerds and know the Cannabis Act backwards and forwards. Their passion really shone through as participants were asking all their compliance questions.

oakville #canndoraconnect

In our humble opinion the best part of any #CanndoraConnect event is when each participant gets to stand up and talk about their business and collaboration goals, this event was no exception. It’s such a treat to be able to experience women offering their authentic selves and being met with such warmth and encouragement. After everyone had a chance to share what they do and what collaborations they were hoping to establish then connection sparks began to fly. It’s exciting to know that relationships are developing right in front of your eyes, you never know if the next great cannabis business will emerge after one great conversation.

Thank you to everyone who attended our Oakville #CanndoraConnect, and a huge thank you to our presenting partner Momentum Law and our media partner The Growth Op. If you missed this one, don’t worry, we’ll be having a Toronto event in September, stay tuned for details.

Venue: Ace Coworking
Photography: Andrea Hunter Photography
Presenting Partner: Momentum Law
Media Partner: The Growth Op

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