Elevated Cottage essentials

Cottage weekends can be the best part of summer; getting away from the city, a cozy cabin, the smell of camp fire and pine trees, a cool lake- all of the makings of a perfect, unplugged experience. Of course, for all of us elevated ladies it’s also the perfect opportunity to light up, enjoy nature and reconnect with ourselves. The worst part about going to the cottage? Not having everything you need to fully enjoy your time away. Lucky for you we’ve made plenty of mistakes on our journeys and now have the ultimate list of everything you need for a refreshing and elevated weekend away. 

This seems obvious but don’t forget your weed! Chances are wherever you’re going it’s probably a little more tricky to get your hands on some product than you’re used to. I also suggest packing more than you’re typically consume. I’ve shown up to a cottage so many times thinking there’s going to be a certain number of people and then next thing you know twice as many show up. While you’re obviously not responsible for supplying for everyone, sharing is caring.

elevated cottage essentials

Canndora Hotbox Edition
The Canndora Hotbox Edition is the perfect curation of accessories for your weekend away. It includes a stylish smell proof clutch, Bamboo rolling tray, mini grinder, vac-seal nug jar, Canndora Darlings and $15 Canndora gift certificate. These essentials are perfect for a weekend away!

Being at the cottage is the perfect time for self-reflection and creative pursuits. Keep your journal handy and let the inspiration and enlightenment wash over you.

elevated cottage essentials

Puzzles and games
One of my favourite parts of going up to a cottage is getting to enjoy all the old puzzles and games that have been up there since 1982. Don’t leave it to chance, make sure to bring some of your own. Who knows, if you leave them up there maybe someone will still be playing them 40 years from now.

Now I know what you’re thinking, you aren’t going to forget your phone charger, well #1 you probably will, and #2 what about your vape charger? Getting caught somewhere with a dead vape is the worst; don’t let it happen to you!

Especially if the cottage you’re going to doesn’t belong to you it might be a good idea to pack some edibles just in case you aren’t allowed to smoke there. Even if there’s a place to consume outside, all it takes is one thunderstorm to spoil the fun.

elevated cottage essentials

Another obvious one but you need a way to light up! Not only is this important for smoking but you probably need to light a fire or BBQ too. Maybe your Girl Guide training runs deep and you can start a fire with twigs, but even if that’s the case I doubt you want to be doing that all weekend, especially while you’re stoned. Remember to be super careful about dropping matches and roaches while you’re near nature, a lot of our country is up in smoke the better part of the summer, as our pal Smokey Bear says, “Only you can prevent forest fires”.

I know you’ve got all your meals taken care of but definitely don’t forget about the snacks! Have all of your sweet and savoury bases covered so you’re prepared for every munchy induced #SnackAttack. The perfect snack for a cottage weekend? Our Canna-poutine!

elevated cottage essentials

I know they’re a snack but they really do deserve their own category. 

There you have it, everything you need for an amazing weekend away. Actually, one more thing, I know I sound like your mother but please, please don’t forget to pack a sweater.

What’s on your list of elevated cottage essentials? Let us know in the comments.

Canndora is going to be hitting up Cottage Country and attending the Cannabis Muskoka Expo August 3rd. Come say hi and check out the amazing Muskoka Cannabis Community.

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