Just because summer is coming to an end it doesn’t mean it’s the end of Potio season! Fall is a great time to get cozy outside and enjoy the leaves and colours of the season. If you’re a lucky Canadian who vibes with the outdoors and is from a 420-friendly household then hosting a potio party would be perfect. Potio parties are a great way for social circles to get together and share their love of cannabis.

hosting a patio party

Making a fun and enjoyable potio party requires communication and understanding of certain rules of etiquette between hosts/hostesses and guests. As cannabis consumption becomes more and more prevalent in today’s households, so do certain practices that can really make a social gathering around cannabis so much more fun and enjoyable. 

Besides making sure your guests know where the areas of your potio are 420 friendly, here are a few more things to consider when throwing a potio party to really take it to the ‘higher’ level.

hosting a potio party

Provide a Welcome Kit
As a host/hostess, a great way to make a potio party memorable for your guests would be to provide your guests with a welcome kit. This would ideally be in a gift box/bag that would include water, snacks for munchies (such as chips, popcorn, granola bars), a lighter, a strain of herb with strain and effect information (optional), and most importantly a personalized welcome note for each guest. This would be best provided when guests first arrive so they know what to expect and can enjoy themselves knowing the expectations of when, where and how to consume. This also allows for clear and concise expectations to your guests of important potio etiquette such as how to dispose of cannabis, where ash trays are located, and where they can find lighters/matches and other needs during the party that must be highlighted.

hosting a patio party

Opt for Other Smoking Accessories Besides Joints.
If you are choosing to consume cannabis through combustion, then look for other options such as a chillum, pipe or water pipe as an alternative. This way you avoid awkward situations with germs and spit. Eliminating that concern for your guests can really add to the enjoyable atmosphere. This also helps to ensure that each guest gets a fresh toke of green each time without being concerned with toking from old continually burned cannabis.

Provide Strain Info
As a host/hostess that’s throwing a potio party providing strain information is so crucial! Especially if you are recommending a particular strain that you enjoy, and want to share its effects. You’d want to be able to provide clear information on the name and content of the specific strains you’re providing to your guests. However, keep in mind that consumption requires discretion and that not all strains affect people the same way and it would be best to remind your guests of that despite their experience with cannabis.

hosting a potion party

Whether you’re hosting a potio party for the first time or not, these are just some basic starters for making a memorable and fun potio session that everyone in attendance can enjoy. Cannabis has become a household substance that can be shared leisurely. However, the first steps to enjoyment is safe and responsible consumption through practices of respectful etiquette. So enjoy responsibly and have fun!

Jessica Fung; Blunt Bae

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