Canndora sat down with the lovely Mothers Mary duo Jordana and Annie to discuss their amazing community of canna-moms and their cannabis journey.

mothers mary

Please share with our community who Mothers Mary is and the benefits of connecting with your group.  
Mothers Mary is, simply put, the online space for mothers who use cannabis or who are curious about using cannabis. We are a worldwide phenomenon of like-minded moms in search of unconditional love, support, and cannabis information. We exist because there is such a need for cannabis-friendly mothers (lovingly referred to as ‘mombers’ within Mothers Mary) to feel connected, empowered, and educated about cannabis. We are just happy that 2.8k moms (and growing) agree! 

What prompted you to start this Facebook community group?
They say that necessity is the mother of invention. After having her second child in 2 years, our co-founder Jordana Z. found herself suffering from overwhelming Postpartum Depression. Advocating for herself as a medical cannabis patient proved to be difficult, and the stigma of being a cannabis-using mom left her feeling incredibly isolated. She realized that there had to be other moms who felt the same way, and so she created a Facebook group for moms who use medicinal cannabis. There, she met co-founder Annie Bertrand, and the rest is history.

What has been your favourite part about working within this community?
The people! Without a shadow of a doubt, there is nothing quite like knowing that thanks to Mothers Mary, moms are finding and uplifting each other all around the globe! We are truly blessed with the best tribe out there! Everyday, we receive testimonials from moms who have been able to take control of their health and advocate for themselves, thanks in part to the information they received in Mothers Mary Community. It’s our greatest hope that women everywhere find their voices, and we pledge to empower them every step of the way!

What’s your favourite way to consume cannabis?  
You know, being in the ‘industry,’ we have been lucky to have had gifts sent to us, and so we can say that we are knowledgeable about consumption methods. There are so many ways to safely consume cannabis. You do not have to be a smoker! That being said, with all of our combined experience (laughs), we have to say that nothing beats a good ol’ fashioned joint! It’s quick, effects are immediate, and most importantly, it is a social way to medicate, which helps prevent isolation and loneliness. You know what they say…a friend with weed is a friend indeed!

What’s the most common misconception about women and mothers who consume cannabis that you hear?
That we cannot possibly be good mothers because we are always ‘high.’ That we are a danger to our children because we are ‘stoned.’ That we are selfish, immature, wanna-be teenagers who put their ‘drug addiction’ before the needs of our children. It’s heartbreaking, and completely inaccurate. Too often, those who are uneducated about cannabis assume that we are constantly intoxicated. The truth is, for those who use medicinal cannabis, smoking a joint is the equivalent of popping an Advil when you get a headache. Cannabis is a natural medicine with very few, mild side effects, and it works wonders for those in pain, whether physical or mental.

 On the same note, we want Canndora readers to know that Mothers Mary will do everything in our power to combat the stigma of cannabis use in motherhood!

Share with us a fun or informative fact about cannabis that you have recently learned and you’d like to share with the community?
Did you know that you can collect precious kief by saving & sifting your stems? Cannabis is the plant that keeps on giving!

Do you have any advice that is specific for women and/or mothers who are interested in cannabis?
Yes! Please please please…do not suffer in silence! Join our Facebook group (you do not have to be a cannabis consumer to join) and connect with moms from all over the world. Our members include brand-spanking newbie moms to seasoned canna-vets! Also, do your research before you start consuming cannabis. Mothers Mary Community is a safe, knowledgeable space to ask all your questions. And for those who really want to become experts on their cannabis use, we are now offering our Mombership Program, an educational group-coaching based subscription taught by Andrea Meharg –Certified Cannabis Coach.

What’s next for the ladies of the Mothers Mary Community?
World Domination! (laughs) No, in all seriousness, our life’s work is to provide cannabis support to mothers from all around the world. We are stoked to be able to provide wellness support through discussions, live chats, giveaways, mom codes…and so much more! There are also several amazing collaborations currently in the works. We are very excited to cross over from the digital space and take our movement in person to our community. The sky’s the limit for Mothers Mary.

Stay Lifted!

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