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Michele Parrotta is a 50+ cannabis user and advocate, and the founder of Mimi Cannabis. We caught up with her to chat about cannabis use over 50; after all green really is the new gray.

How Did You Get Started In the Cannabis Industry?
When talks of legalization began I wondered if someone my age would have the opportunity to work in the Cannabis Industry, I had been a user of Cannabis for 40 years and felt I had a lot to contribute. I was in hotel sales at the time and was looking to change my career. I began working as a Manager for Cannabis Supply Company and started helping people get access to Medical Cannabis.

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Tell Us About Mimi Cannabis.
My Mission is simple: to bring awareness to Cannabis and how it can help people over 50, recreationally and medically, without fear of being judged. I want people my age to know that they can reduce the amount of pharmaceutical medicines they are using. Bridging Generations through Cannabis Education is the key to ending the stigma.

What does every person over 50 need to know about Cannabis.
One very important thing that many people don’t realize is that THC and CBD are two of the most powerful natural anti-inflammatories we have access to. Many people my age deal with many ailments where inflammation is a huge problem; long-term use of prescription anti-inflammatories can have really negative effects on people’s stomachs, not to mention many people are scared of traditional pain meds and sleeping pills.

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Why are people 50 plus turning to Cannabis?
Many 50+ people are turning to cannabis because they are sick of taking prescription medications that don’t work, are dangerous, or the side effects are disrupting their everyday lives. Many people my age report replacing many unnecessary medications with cannabis. They’ve also realized that they don’t have to smoke to reap the benefits of this amazing plant! Many people my age micro-dose which is something we need to talk more about!

How can we as a community better support 50+ Cannabis users?
Teaching 50+ people about Cannabis and taking the time to show them how to use and appreciate Cannabis is a great way to support this demographic. We need to be supporting, educating and bringing generations together. A lot of people my age are afraid to ask for help when it comes to Cannabis, events for people over 50 would be a great start which is what I am currently looking to do. If the younger more “Cannabis Savvy” generation would take the time to show the old dogs new tricks we would really appreciate it!!!! And we are so much fun to sesh with!

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How can we start the dialogue with parents and grandparents about cannabis?
I think that there are a lot of really great educators like myself in the industry, and I feel that our generation needs a lot more re-assurance so I always suggest that they research and speak to their own healthcare professional, there are many great Health Canada approved people out there to get everyone’s questions answered. I also believe in the younger generation taking an inventory of their loved ones’ pharmaceuticals is a great start to see if some of these meds can be replaced with cannabis products. Many people my age are being over prescribed unnecessarily. But I’m a firm believer in making sure that people write down all their questions and feel comfortable with who they are speaking with, don’t be afraid to check credentials and make sure you’re speaking to someone who is knowledgeable in the space! 

Shout-out to five ladies In the cannabis space:
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I love all these women for many reasons: Kindness, Courage, and they’re in cannabis for the right reasons. Thank you for pushing me to be the best I can be for Cannabis Patients! #NothingButLove

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