Drizzle it over your salad dressing and get that extra dash of flavour. Stick it in a muffin and enjoy the naturally rich and nutty flavour it brings to your palette. Did we mention it also helps heat things up in the bedroom? Read on…

hemp seed oil

What is hemp seed oil?
Hemp oil or hemp seed oil is extracted from the hemp plant. A form of the cannabis sativa plant, hemp, is typically grown for industrial purposes. Similar to other oils like olive or coconut, hemp oil is procured by cold pressing the seeds of the hemp plant. The hemp plant has low levels of cannabinoids, including the two most common ones: CBD and THC.

Is it legal in Canada?
Yes. In the late 80s and 90s, interest grew in hemp cultivation, especially in the agricultural and industrial sectors. The research revealed that it could be produced separately from marijuana. So Health Canada greenlit the opportunity to grow industrial hemp but in a controlled fashion. Commercial cultivation and production of industrial hemp was legalized in Canada in 1998. Licensing restrictions in Canada also meant that hemp products have THC contents lower than 0.3 per cent, which is negligible. Hemp also contains tissues rich in CBD. Still, because it is non-narcotic in nature, hemp growers can legally extract the oil.

hemp seed oil highonlove edition

What are the benefits of hemp oil?
Hemp oil is known to have high levels of vitamins E, B, B1, and B2 as well as potassium, magnesium and fatty acids like omega-3 and omega-6. Not to mention the abundance of proteins and antioxidants, which makes it a must-have ingredient in shampoos, lotions and other beauty products. While fatty acids help reduce signs of ageing, they also act as excellent moisturizers that help with maintaining skin elasticity. Cosmeticians and wellness experts often recommend hemp oil or hemp oil-infused products to keep your skin, nails and hair healthy and hydrated.

hemp-seed oil

And it’s great for sex!
The daily grind of our oh-so-busy lives, coupled with toxins that are released in the environment, definitely take a toll on our bodies. Called dioxins, they disrupt the hormonal make-up of the body, which in turn can cause a lot of slips in the bedroom. Hemp can help! “Cannabis and hemp are known to increase blood flow and sensitivity while numbing pain. They can revolutionize a woman’s sex life – especially those who face pain during intercourse and are experiencing menopausal symptoms and dryness,” says Angela Mustone, Founder and CEO of HighOnLove™. HighOnLove is the maker of sensual oils and body paint with pharmaceutical-grade hemp seed oil. 

hemp seed oil highonlove edition

Canndora partnered with Mustone to curate the HighOnLove edition, the gorgeous set features three high-end products designed for women looking for a luxuriously sensuous experience with a partner or without. For those with  vaginal dryness, discomfort, and a decreased libido, the HighOnLove™ orgasm oil hits the sweet spot. The O Gel – a fusion of all-natural ingredients with premium-grade hemp seed oil is a water-based blend that ensures an exhilarating climactic experience. The third product is the Lip Gloss, a super hydrating agent that primes and plumps up the lips to make them irresistibly kissable and elevates foreplay. More than enough reasons to incorporate hemp into your sex life and to revolutionize the way you love!

Have you tried hemp-based products and have they altered your sex life dramatically? We would love to hear about your adventures with hemp! The HighOnLove edition is available now on canndora.com.

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