Sour Diesel, Purple Kush, Pineapple Express- these aren’t just fun names for cannabis strains, they tell you what kind of terpenes you’re working with. They’re like the wind, you can’t see it, but you sure can feel it. Not to be confused with cannabinoids (THC & CBD), Terpenes [tur-peens] aren’t only found in cannabis but in cosmetics, fruits and they’re even used to scent cleaning products. Cannabis terpenes are aromatic oils that give cannabis their specific “flavours” such as, citrus, pine, and berry. Terpenes play a role in distinguishing whether a cannabis strain will help you focus, chill out, sleep, etc. 

terpenes 101

Originally, terpenes were adapted to repel destructive insects and to bait pollinators but now, they are much more than that. There are many cannabis terpenes and they range from calming to energizing- knowing and understanding the many different types of terpenes will help you choose the right cannabis strain for what it is you’re trying to achieve when you smoke. There are over 100 different kinds of cannabis terpenes, but we’ll only be going over a few popular ones today.

Myrcene is the most abundant terpene in cannabis. Mainly found in Indica strains and will definitely give you the “in-da-couch” feel. Its smell is often earthy and musky with fruity aromas. This terpene is useful in reducing inflammation and chronic pain.

FUN FACT; Myrcene is found in mangos- eating a mango before smoking weed will help you experience a stronger buzz.

terpenes 101

Linalool gives off a subtle floral scent and is commonly found in lavender, mint and birch bark. It contains strong sedative and relaxing properties and is good for those suffering from arthritis, insomnia, and even seizures. Linalool has been popular throughout centuries as a sleep aid.

FUN FACT; Studies are finding that Linalool seems to reverse some of the main symptoms of Alzheimer’s and restores emotional and cognitive function. 

terpenes 101

Limonene is found in all citrus fruits, and, like its name, gives out a citrusy scent. It is known to reduce stress, lighten your mood, and it contains antibacterial properties. Limonene is easily absorbed (by inhalation) and goes swiftly into the bloodstream. If the strain has the word “sour” in it, it’s a good hint that it’s rich in limonene.

FUN FACT; Limonene increases the levels of liver enzymes involved in detoxifying carcinogens. 

Caryophyllene is known for its strong peppery aromas. It’s found in black pepper, cloves, and common spices (oregano & rosemary). Since it’s the only terpene that binds to cannabinoid receptors, it makes it perfect for anti-inflammatory creams. Caryophyllene is known to relieve stress and anxiety.

FUN FACT; Caryophyllene can reduce alcohol cravings.

terpenes 101

Cannabis terpenes work with the cannabinoids to boost the effects of the strain. The harvest climate, soil type, and age of the plant play a huge role in the development of terpenes. These differences can make or break the quality of the crop.

If smoking isn’t your shtick you can get the benefits of these terpenes through a topical cream. EKS has a beautiful, ready-to-infuse salve for pain and inflammation of joints and muscles. You can add any cannabis oil with the terpenes of your choice. Plus, it’s made in Canada!

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Customer testimonials like this, are why we love EKS. Among creams and topicals, terpenes are often used for therapeutic purposes such as aromatherapy. Inhaling the scents that terpenes give can reduce stress, anxiety and to induce a feeling of overall tranquility. Breathing in certain terpenes can help you get a better night’s sleep, uplift your mood and is even used for anti-inflammatory purposes. So, next time you want a relaxing night in, smoke up.

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