WWC Conference register today for may 27th

The Second Annual Womxn, Wellness, and Cannabis Conference Virtual Event (WWC Conference) is coming to you May 26-27th. Presented by Canndora Founders, Marigold Marketing and PR, WWC Conference aims to be the largest online female-focused cannabis & psychedelic industry event. We sat down with Katie Pringle and Bridget Hoffer to get the scoop on this inspiring virtual event.

Katie pringle and Bridget Hoffer

Why did Marigold create this conference? 
Katie Pringle: Engaging and supporting women is one of our core values. We’ve hosted several hundred women at our panels and events and we know there’s so much more about women and cannabis than can be covered in one panel. As womxn our product needs and wants are different, and our experiences and opportunities in the industry are different.

Marigold PR and Canndora have hosted over 20 women focused panels and events in the cannabis industry. Along with our Advisory Committee of exceptional female leaders in the cannabis industry we’re committed to curating an event that’s engaging and relevant to attendees.

During this time more than ever people in the cannabis industry want to connect and feel like a community. Cannabis by nature is very social and yet we’re currently all isolated. The WWC Conference is an exceptional vehicle for women in the industry to come together and connect. 

What do you want to achieve by focusing on Womxn?
Bridget Hoffer: Our goal is to create a programmed event where womxn leaders come together to learn and network in a welcoming and meaningful environment. 

Everyone is welcome to participate in WWC Conference, allies are an important part of any movement. 

Our aim is to develop and deliver an event where everyone who participates in WWC Conference learns more about the feminine cannabis experience and develops tools that they can use in life and business. We want to ensure that our programs and content for womxn are thoughtfully considered to enhance and empower their efforts moving forward in the space.

Tell us more about the topics that will be covered. 
Katie Pringle: We’ll be covering a variety of topics including what science tells us about women and cannabis, womxn in cultivation, cannabis and family dynamics, reproductive health and a variety of marketing presentations and workshops.

Who should participate in this event?
Bridget Hoffer: Womxn and allies in the cannabis industry should participate in WWC Conference, we believe it will be an excellent learning and networking experience for all participants.

Why is the WWC Conference a Virtual Event? 
Bridget Hoffer: WWC Conference is a virtual event to allow womxn and allies from around the world the chance to participate, learn and connect. Through this format attendees won’t be limited by location, finances, or other accessibility concerns.

How will the WWC Conference work? 
Katie Pringle: The WWC Conference will include panels, firesides and live Q&A sessions. You can register here to reserve your free spot and details will be sent to you in advance of the event on how to access the WWC Conference.

What’s the cost?
Bridget Hoffer: We wanted to remove barriers to access for people so that everyone has the opportunity to learn and connect with predominant womxn in the cannabis space. We believe this is the right time to offer a portion of the event at no cost to women in the cannabis space. We also have a few paid networking events and demos that womxn can register for separately as an add-on here

Register today for WWC Conference May 26-27th, 2021.