The Canndora team loves to celebrate women in cannabis and elevate women in the cannabis space. Thanks to everyone who submitted themselves to be featured in this piece.

sarah seale

Sarah Seale
Social Media: @sarahseale18

Sarah Seale has spent the last 15+ years providing solutions to small and large companies on almost every platform in business management, helping them strategically in the areas of Sales, Operations, Human Resources and Recruitment. 

Sarah has launched 3 companies of her own and has helped over 20 others set up and strategically grow within the industry.

Katie pringle

Katie Pringle
Social Media: @katieepringle

Katie Pringle is the co-founder of Marigold Marketing and PR, Canndora, WWC Conference and an integrated marketing expert. She has a deep understanding of the social and digital landscape and traditional media mix. She has extensive experience in lifestyle, entertainment & kids, with a specific focus on brands that speak to women. As a marketer, Katie is forward-looking, delivers beyond expectation and is always ready for the unexpected. Her peers say she can see around corners.

bridget hoffer

Bridget Hoffer
Social Media: @bri_co_hoffer

Bridget is the co-founder of Marigold Marketing and PR, a communications strategist and brand expert. She has extensive experience in delivering strategic communications, marketing, and brand programs that achieve results and resonate. Her expertise ranges from developing and managing iconic Canadian brands to refreshed personal brands with effective positioning to ensure relevance and value.

tracy collier

Tracy Collier
Social Media: @tracollier8

Tracy Collier is a social media expert who specializes in building brand and social media presence for businesses and individuals. She has a deep understanding of how to help them thrive in the social space. Tracy has developed successful social strategies, plans and content for Canadian and US clients that delivers audiences and meets their goals. Tracy is a Senior Account Manager for Marigold Marketing and PR.

Danielle mckay

Danielle McKay
Social Media: @DanielleMcKay25

As Marigold’s Trade Marketing and PR Executive, Danielle executes marketing & PR and profile building for all internal brands and Marigold’s senior leadership and is also the WWC Conference Event Lead. Danielle started her career in communications for the dating industry and is no stranger to executing creative marketing while complying with regulations and advertising restrictions. With a double Honours Degree in English and Communications Danielle excels at event planning, media relations, content creation and marketing communications.

debi facey

Debi Facey
Social Media: @debi.canna

Debi Facey strives in providing aid and support to/for others  as a board member of the Empowerment Council affiliated with CAMH (Center for Addictions & Mental Health), as well as a volunteer with Canadian organization CFAMM (Canadian Fair Access to Medical Marijuana).

Currently, Debi is expanding and improve her educational platform EverytingCanna “Learn How; Know Why”, while simultaneously with preparing her blog “The Bottom Bag”. As her token trail continues Debi hopes to educate and tell consumers by expanding her reach top media platforms printed publishing social media Outlets teacher demos panels and talks that will only allow her to gain further knowledge and ability enabling her to always be in the know when it comes to Cannabis.

tracey lamourie

Tracy Lamourie
Social Media:  @tracylamourieprmedia

Tracy Lamourie initially came to the cannabis community as a patient and finds relief with medical cannabis and relaxation with adult use cannabis for recreational purposes at the end of every successful day! Professionally, she has worked in the industry for more than a decade – she is the CEO, Senior Publicist, Creative Strategist &Media Consultant who founded Lamourie Public Relations, an industry leading PR firm. She has worked in the emerging cannabis marketplace since 2012, writing for various publications, representing a myriad of cannabis related clients. She is proud to have been featured in the “Women Of Great Influence” issue of Cannabis themed Skunk Magazine and was also referenced in Dana Larsen’s History of Cannabis In Canada. She was also a featured day host / speaker at the O’Cannabiz Conference in Toronto and the Grow Up Conference and Expo in Niagara Falls and a featured speaker Hempfest in Hamilton. In 2019 she began working in the international cannabis marketplace attending both the International Medical Cannabiz Conference in Malta in November 2019, and MjBizCon the world’s biggest cannabis conference in Las Vegas in December. 

mimi cannabis

Michele Parrotta
Social Media:  @mimicannabis

Michele Parrotta is the founder and CEO of Mimi Cannabis; a website geared towards Mature Cannabis users, Boomers and Seniors. Mimi Cannabis also has an online store and a line of clothing and accessories dubbed “Green Is The New Gray”.

tara coomans

Tara Coomans
Social Media: @taracoomans @primoprmkting 

In 2016, Tara Coomans formed Primo PR to serve the emerging cannabis community, because of her inventive campaigns and tenacity, her cannabis clients were some of the first to appear in national, consumer lifestyle publications. Since starting Primo PR she has served as creative and strategic council for both consumer and B2B cannabis brands from startup to IPO, earning her clients $12M+ annually in earned media in publications and social media. Primo PR is a division of Poodle Mafia – an elegantly aggressive digital communications firm which combines data and emotional intelligence to trigger action and shift perceptions.

In addition to her professional accomplishments Tara has served on numerous industry and nonprofit boards including National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) where she is currently a Marketing and Advertising Committee member, Social Media Club (SMC), where is currently Director of Operations for the Los Angeles Chapter (SMCLA). Past board and volunteer involvements include serving as a Global Board Member for Social Media Club (SMC) International, SMC Chapter President, SMC Chapter Board Chair, American Marketing Association (AMA) Los Angeles board Vice President, Junior Achievement board member and as a mentor for BlueStartups, an incubator. She has been a founding member of several community organizations including a Young Professionals Kiwanis club and grass-roots organizations serving tech and environmental communities.

necole hines

Necole Hines
Social Media: @fadedmocha @mochacatering 

Necole Hines is a canna-chef based in Vancouver. She has recently launched a new project called “Faded Feasts” that combines her passion for cooking with her love of Cannabis education through intimate dining experiences in 420 friendly spaces.


Ti Foster & NancyAnne Rose
Social Media: @Symposiaonline

Ti and NancyAnne started Symposia in 2019 as a symposium for women to gather, learn and share knowledge and wisdom about the cannabis plant as it applies specifically to females in a comfortable, safe setting. Their Living Library is an outstanding opportunity to get up close and personal with mavens of cannabis and not only get answers but be heard.

val mcculloch shatterizer

Val McCulloch
Social Media:  @shatterizervape 

Val McCulloch has been recognized as a grassroots strategic leader in the cannabis space, honoured as a High! Canada “Woman of Weed” and “Fierce Founder” by Canndora in 2019, for her dedication to Shatterizer brand growth. Her love of perfect products, marketing, technology and cannabis serve as assets in her role as Chief Strategy Officer of Shatterizer.

Sara Fotheringham

Sara Fotheringham 

Sara Fotheringham “The Niagara Herbalist” holds 9 diplomas in the cannabis space and is working on her Natural Health Practitioner designation. Currently Sara holds a Master Herbalist designation and operates an apothecary in Fonthill Ontario which is also the home of Canadian Cannabis Rx Consultants.

Specializing in medical personal cannabis authorizations, education and personal cultivation as well as focusing on plant based medicines. Sara hosts DIY workshops to teach plant based medicine making and community empowerment. Sara was one of the first women in cannabis to run a medical clinic in the Niagara Region and does so with passion and perseverance.

Gwendolyn Caminda
Social Media: @gwendolynzoe_ 

Gwendolyn Caminda is a Dutch cannabis enthusiast and is currently working as a budtender in Amsterdam.

Kristen McRobie

Kristen McRobie
Social Media: @endometriosisandme

Kristen McRobie is the founder of Endometriosis and me. Kristen created Endometriosis and me after her own diagnosis of Endometriosis because she noticed there was a need that wasn’t being met. A need for information that isn’t full of medical terminology. Kristen shares information and makes it as simple as possible to understand.

Endometriosis affects 1 in every 10 women ( including girls and trans gender people) worldwide. Even though this disease affects so many we are still faced with ignorance and lack of education about it. Endometriosis takes up to 10 years to properly diagnose. That’s 10 years without adequate treatment. That’s 10 years without answers. That’s 10 years of suffering.

Endometriosis and Me’s mission is to provide support, spread awareness and advocate for those who may not have the means or the voice. Join me in my fight for a cure!

It’s Kristen’s personal mission to educate on Endometriosis and how cannabis can help people live a more functional and happy life.

Tabitha Fritz mihi cannabis

Tabitha Fritz
Social Media: @penelopeswrist

Tabitha started her cannabis journey in the legacy market, where she founded a number of companies, including an edibles company, and Bast, a company that formulates cannabis-infused products specifically for a woman’s gynecological and reproductive health. In addition, she’s also a co-founder of The Green Tent, an organization that works to achieve gender parity in board rooms and in leadership positions throughout the cannabis industry.

She’s currently working as the director of cannabis education at mihi, a cannabis retailer in Ontario, where she has built and is implementing a rigorous budtender training and ongoing education program. She is a teacher at heart, and is focusing on providing training and education to budtenders so that they are in turn able to provide education & appropriate solutions for consumers.

Her current research, speaking, and writing focuses on women & cannabis, and how women’s hormonal fluctuations both increase their sensitivity to cannabis, and make cannabis a useful tool for treating pain, disorders, and symptoms.

shannon chiarenza weed mama

Shannon Chiarenza
Social Media: @weed_mama @weedmama1

Shannon Chiarenza started Weed Mama in 2018 with the goal of normalizing cannabis for moms and to teach women how to use cannabis as a part of their wellness routine.

Kieley Beaudry

Kieley Beaudry
Social Media: @kieleybeaudry @kieleybeaudry

Kieley Beaudry is a mother of 3, her eldest child has Cystic Fibrosis, a rare fatal genetic disorder which has given her 8 years of chronic illness caregiver experience. A cannabis consumer for the past 25 years to help with mental health and sleep. She first began working with cannabis in 2013, when her father-in-law was diagnosed with Glioblastoma – 4 Brain Tumours were found. At the time, his oncologist would not prescribe cannabis so Kieley and her husband began their research and started making cannabis oil to treat him. Since then, she has researched and read over 400 scholarly articles pertaining to cannabis and continues to educate herself through various cannabis events, conferences and research symposiums. 

Kieley began working in the cannabis industry in May 2018 and quickly used her skills and knowledge as a caregiver to assist other parents in finding the right resources to treat their children holistically with cannabis. Kieley speaks at various cannabis events across Alberta and BC, breaking down the stigmas for parents, especially for mothers who consume or treat their children with cannabis. Sexual Health and Cannabis is also a topic Kieley educates both consumers and producers, particularly women.  

Kieley is a Co-Founder of Parkland Flower Inc. a cannabis micro-cultivation applicant, and is a Cannabis Educator. She has 10 years experience as an Occupational Health and Safety Professional in the oil and gas sector, with auditing, workforce training, and regulatory compliance being her forte.  With an additional 16 years experience in retail and direct sales. She successfully lobbied her own municipal government to allow for cannabis production in Parkland County and is sharing those lessons learned with others trying to break into the cannabis market. 

Kieley formed the Alberta Cannabis Micro License Association in June 2019, bringing cannabis micro license applicants together to help support and protect smaller cannabis operations in Alberta by providing innovation, collaboration and education with all levels of government in Alberta.

Amanda Grosser

Amanda Grosser
Social Media: Amanda Grosser

After years of being the well-known supplier of her secondary school, Amanda Grosser entered a phase of life where cannabis became an end-of-life treatment for a close family member. Seeing the positive impact of medical cannabis use first-hand was exactly what she needed to solidify her personal theories on cannabis and wellness. A co-worker offered Amanda a part-time position in their dispensary, but fear of legal repercussion (pre-legalization) held her back. Once Amanda had experienced caregiving with “cannatherapy”, and the future of legalization was imminent, she took the job. The day Amanda told her managers she was considering going full-time was the day they offered her a supervisor role based on how driven and professional she was. Amanda quickly became store manager for their flagship location. Amanda’s motivation, passion, and curiosity for the plant has never wavered. Now she’s very proud to work at Aurora Cannabis as the Executive Assistant to the Chief Science Officer. Being on the frontlines of history has been more exciting than Amanda could have expected when she was considering entering the industry 5 years ago.

Siobhan McCarthy blyssful alchemy

Siobhan McCarthy
Social Media: @siobhanisblyss

Siobhan McCarthy is a Product Specialist, Formulator & Plant Medicine Educator:

blyssful ALCHEMY is an educational DIY workshop series educating people about plant medicines and holistic modalities. A self-proclaimed urban gardener and kitchen witch, McCarthy’s interest in plant medicines came to be when she lived in Switzerland. Shortly thereafter, she moved to Vancouver to study at U.B.C. where she garnered her Honours Degree in Theatre, Film and Creative Writing. She also studied plants, and plant medicines, after being disabled in a car accident.

McCarthy is passionate about topicals and teaches people about the benefits of applying cannabis topically, as well as how to make their own topical medicines. She has been a guest speaker, advocating for cannabis and women’s health and sexuality at: Lift Expo, Ellementa Women, The Grassroots Cannabis Expo at UBC Robson Campus, #CanndoraConnect, The CannaLife Conference, as well as the Cannabis and Hemp Conference. McCarthy has been a guest speaker on many podcasts including: The Green Crush with Alan Park, The Her(b) Life Sessions, Expert Joints with Craig X and Cannabis Wiki’s: The Green Room

In 2019, under the auspices of blyssful ALCHEMY, McCarthy produced over 175 cannabis DIY workshops, classes, high teas, yoga classes, infused dinners and speciality educational events.

She worked with Tantalus Labs to create an educational pop up experience where she taught the community how to infuse “Cannatonic” – Tantalus Labs’ high CBD cultivar into coconut oil.

In April 2019, McCarthy galvanized her cannabis and film knowledge and shot blyssful ALCHEMY – a 13-part DIY Cannabis web-series that is currently in post-production.

In January 2020, Siobhan returned to her father’s homeland of Ireland, where she expanded her business into Europe by launching her CBD Topical line, blyssful ALCHEMY made in Dublin. She is the first company to work with one of the only Irish farms licensed by the HSE to grow and process CBD oil for the Irish marketplace.

As a consultant, McCarthy is excited to collaborate and formulate topicals for Licensed Producers in all regions of the world where Cannabis and CBD are legal.

McCarthy is a published writer who has written educational articles for CannaReps, Cova Software, The New Agora, Cannalife Botanicals and Stream Daily.

McCarthy’s companies red trike media inc. and blyssful PRODUCTIONS specialize in content creation, creating digital strategies, and acting as social media community managers for various broadcast / network properties and brands.

Annaliese Kibler

Annaliese Kibler
Social Media: @cannaliese

Annaliese Kibler, Director of Regulatory Affairs for Aurora Cannabis. Annaliese is a consumer, plant scientist, and prominent member of the cannabis industry. Annaliese completed a BSc. and MSc. in the Plant Sciences, with a focus on medicinal and endangered plant species.

Initially, she worked in cannabis research when the MMPR first came into effect. Combining her love of cannabis & community, she continues to work in the industry at Aurora Cannabis Inc in a variety of roles and is currently the Director of Regulatory Affairs. She is the former co-chair of Women Grow in Vancouver, a co-founder and current VP of Operations at CaneXions. She is also a trained Cannatherapy Consultant. Annaliese is an avid ambassador of Cannabis and has been invited to speak internationally at events on a variety of subjects such as cannabis botany, consumer education, regulatory landscape and product development.

Jessica Moran

Jessica Moran
Social Media: @jessmmmoran

Jess is a seasoned Marketing & Communications expert with over 18 years of industry experience. Jess holds a B.A. Degree from Laurier University, in addition to a Post-Graduate Corporate Communications Diploma from Sheridan College.

Jess’ passion for Communications combined with her years of experience and work ethic make her an unstoppable force within the industry. Her forte being media relations, Jess has garnered over 4.5M+ earned media coverage views throughout 2019-2020 for her client base in addition to outstanding, authentic digital media results. Jess is a Top 40 Under 40 PR in Canada recipient, who has been featured in Forbes, Huffington Post, CBC, Today’s Parent and much more. Jess is most comfortable when she’s networking and connecting with clients, relentlessly seeing every project through to success.

Jess also has a passion for giving back and is a Member of Break The Stigma (BTS), Athletes for CARE, and Crossing All Bridges Learning Centre. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her husband and two children. She is a proud advocate for Autism Awareness, which you’ll often find her tweeting about.

Melissa Rolston JADA

Melissa Rolston
Social Media: @melrollingstone 

Founder & CEO, JADA
Founder, BTS Stories (not-for-profit)
Social Entrepreneur

Melissa Rolston has worked in the healthcare industry since 2009 and narrowed her focus to medical cannabis in 2013. She has spent her time in the industry consulting clinic startups, experience understanding the federal licence application process and acted as a liaison between patients and physicians prior to cannabis legalization. Her personal and professional background, allows her to see the benefits of bridging the gap between conventional and holistic medicine. She is the founder of the not-for-profit BTS Stories ( which aims to de-stigmatize and normalize social justice issues through their #BTS campaigns. She was involved in the relaunched of the Toronto Market of Women Grow in 2017. She hosted “The Cannabis Report”on SiriusXM, a weekly segment that covered all things cannabis. Leading up to legalization in Canada, she co-hosted a special series of interviews on SiriusXM Canada Talks alongside Andrew Krystal.

Angelina Blessed

Angelina Blessed
Social Media: @BlessedVeung

Angelina Blessed is a Muaythai fighter who has spent 14 years training and fighting between Thailand and Canada. Ript runner, Calisthenics athlete and the first Canadian female to fight Muaythai in China. With multiple injuries and dietary restrictions she had a lot to learn about the recovery process and that the sugary edibles available aren’t a viable option to fight inflammation in the body. She has been baking with cannabis and helping athletes and patients recover from injury while staying within healthy eating guidelines. Whole bud extraction, different strain uses and different infusion processes provide different types of medication for different ailments. Learn about her journey with healthy cannabis edibles, oils and how floating all became an integral part of her recovery and allowed her to train, treat and repeat like a lady boss. We are excited to spread our knowledge.

Train treat repeat.

Ashleigh Brown Shecann

Ashleigh Brown
Social Media: @AshleighSheCann

Ashleigh Brown is the founder and CEO of SheCann Cannabis, the country’s largest and most engaged community resource for medical cannabis patients. As a patient herself, she works alongside stakeholders, industry members and regulators to provide a patient-centric view of the medical cannabis system. Ashleigh has been named Canada’s top cannabis educator twice since the groups’ inception in 2017. SheCann was recently voted Canada’s favourite advocacy group: a honour that Ashleigh says belongs to the over 8,500 members and followers that make it such an important resource for patients.

Christina Michael

Christina Michael
Social Media: @MarigoldsCann

Christina is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience. As Founder, & CEO of Marigolds Cannabis Christina has passionately built her business from scratch with her knowledge, ambition and “get it done” attitude. Christina is a results-driven leader who has had the opportunity to work with notable brands within the cannabis sector where she utilized her expertise on large-scale corporate projects, start-ups, retailers and non-profits.

In addition to her role at Marigolds Cannabis Christina is the Canadian Activation Director for Athletes For CARE, as well as, a Senior Advisor at Council 45. Her drive combined with her experience make her a natural leader, influencer, and connector. Christina holds a BA from McMaster University, as well as, a Degree from the British Columbia Institute of Technology. Her thirst for learning and passion for the Health & Wellness Industry can be seen through her Massage Therapy, Reiki, Fitness & Nutrition, & Personal Trainer certifications.

Jennifer Caldwell

Jennifer Caldwell
Social Media:  @jenncaldwell8

Jennifer has indulged her love of science in many different roles – as a biology and chemistry teacher, as a scientific consultant for a plaintiff pharmaceutical law firm and most recently in quality assurance, compliance, licensing and regulatory affairs in the cannabis industry.

Jenn was an integral member of the original Peace Naturals team that achieved the first new medical cannabis license in Canada under the MMPR/ACMPR where she acted as the Vice President of Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs. She has helped many applicants with licensing, quality and compliance issues in her time as a consultant and now leads the team at Local Cannabinoid Company, a cannabinoid extraction facility in Barrie, Ontario. Jennifer has been intimately involved in all aspects of the day to day operations of a licensed cannabis facility including Good Production/Manufacturing Practices, product specifications and release, licensing, Regulatory liaison with Health Canada, standard operating procedure development, education/outreach, research and development, curriculum development and training.

Bernadette Hodder

Bernadette Hodder
Social Media: @bernsteroni

Bernadette Hodder is a Plant-based Intersectional Feminist and a Coordinator at Aurora Cannabis.

Lula Fukur & Kiernan Patenaude

Lula Fukur & Kiernan Patenaude
Social Media: @bcclbycori

Cori is a wellness retail brand that provides an education and community focused retail experience that caters to your personal wellness goals. Co-Founders Lula Fukur and Kiernan Patenaude can be reached through their wellness e-commerce website or by attending one of their many Bureau of Cannabis Consuming Ladies (BCCL) cannabis education workshops.

Patricia Barraza
Social Media: Patricia R Barraza @Substance_Desgn

Patricia Barraza is a well-recognized event professional in the Canadian Tradeshow & Event Design industry with several memorable event activations recently fashioned in the cannabis space. Recognized as a dynamic networker and enthusiastic organizer, she has been the driving force and key designer of innovative and widely recognized events for very entrepreneurial Canadian cannabis brands. With over 8 years of experience in exhibits and event management, her passion in events has pushed her to challenge her creative boundaries into new levels and design her way around some pretty restrictive regulations within the budding industry. Patricia thrives in the fast-paced and highly social environment and is keen on making lasting impressions and connections through her new venture; Substance Event Design. Patricia aspires to bring forth substantially creative and educational events for the canna-curious and its current users (medicinal & recreational) and in turn, motivate appreciation to such a powerful plant and its trail-blazing advocates.

Sophia Ruffolo

Sophia Ruffolo 
Social Media: @femmebought

Sophia Ruffolo is the Co-Founder and CEO of femmebought, an online women’s business directory, community, and education hub that’s meaningfully connecting and inspiring women, giving entrepreneurs the tools required to grow their own businesses (including women entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs in the Cannabis and CBD industries).

femmebought launched in 2018 and already has a digital presence in over three continents and 10 countries, with community hubs in Toronto, Chicago, and Tel Aviv.  Through femmebought, Sophia builds bridges, offering real advice where there are gaps. She prides herself on connecting people with the resources and networks needed to launch and scale businesses.

Sophia has helped develop the service offerings for Cannabis companies at a global financial institution headquartered in Canada. In particular, Sophia was instrumental in developing the financing guidelines and parameters for lending to Cannabis companies. In addition, Sophia played a critical role in developing the banking and investment service offerings to Cannabis businesses and and employees in the Cannabis sector.

People love working with Sophia because of her endless energy and drive to help women launch businesses on their own terms. This includes educating women entrepreneurs on the rules, regulations and licensing requirements that govern Cannabis and CBD companies across North America. Most recently Sophia put together an education program for women entrepreneurs – Demystifying Cannabis for Women Business Owners that launched in Canada in February and will launch in Chicago in March.

Her work as an advocate for women scaling businesses has also included participating as an advisor to a tech start up and a mentor for programs helping entrepreneurs succeed including the Toronto edition of the Tech Stars accelerator collaboration with The Big Push.

Leslie Andrachuk alpha woman

Leslie Andrachuk
Social Media: @alphawomanco @andrachuk 

Leslie is bilingual, global digital publishing and marketing executive, having spearheaded digital at The Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, Global Television and a number of overseas brands such as Vodafone and HomeAdvisor. She recently launched AlphaWomanCo, a media company with the mission to help women optimize their lives physically, mentally, professionally and financially.

Leslie and her team believe fervently in the healing powers of cannabis and are passionate about de-stigmatizing and normalizing the plant so women can take full advantage of its healing properties. Leslie also advocates for diverse, female leadership through Alpha Woman Club events where women are featured as experts and offer the opportunity to share learning, inspiration and empowerment in the cannabis industry and beyond.

Tsehaitu Abye

Tsehaitu Abye
Social Media: @tsehaitu__

Black Dragon Breakfast Club is a lifestyle brand established in 2019 by Ethiopian-American entrepreneur and patient, Tsehaitu Abye who began connecting patients to professionals and creatives to brands through her advocacy work in the cannabis industry. As a woman of color vividly experiencing Philadelphia, Tsehaitu found herself torn between the memories of growing up in Hawaii and the stark realities of living black and female on the East coast. Before completing her MBA, Tsehaitu changed careers from labor organizer to startup director. With the anxiety of a career shift on the horizons she was forced to understand the SELF and improve her wellness. Cannabis became a safe and reliable option for anxiety relief but the shame started to become a conscious problem. Today Black Dragon Breakfast Club exists to change the perception of Cannabis. A safe space created for cannabis communities seeking quality resources and trusted connections.

Nadia Rehman the ganja mama

Nadia Rehman AKA The Ganja Mama
Social Media: @theganjamama

The Ganja Mama is no stranger to infused foods. Known for her canna-comfort cooking style with an elegant twist she focuses on curating recipes and content to educate and teach people how cooking with cannabis can be fun, safe and elegant.

Cooking with cannabis has always been near and dear to The Ganja Mamas heart as she was diagnosed with PCOS when she was just 11 years old and has had to manage her own pain over the last 19 years,

finding cannabis to be the only real pain relief it was a match made in heaven as she had spent most of her youth learning and cooking for her family.

Fast forward to 2018 where she finished in the top 5 on MasterChef Canada. The Ganja Mama now spends her time recipe developing and finding new and exciting ways people can incorporate cannabis into their daily lives.

Madison Whitworth mad whits

Madison Whitworth
Social Media: @mad.whits

Madison Whitworth is a freelance model in Hamilton, ON and an ambassador for Earth Kisses Sky and Canndora.

Madison is proud to be part of the Cannabis Community and is always pushing to be the successful stoner society says doesn’t exist!!! 

Tamara Lilien

Tamara Lilien 
Social Media:

Coming from a 14 year background in Palliative Care, Tamara has a keen understanding of gaps that exist in the health care system. After experiencing the medical benefits of cannabis firsthand, she transitioned into a career in Cannabis Education and Consulting. Tamara believes strongly that all Canadians deserve easy access to cannabis and associated resources for both medical and recreational purposes.

As one of less than 10,000 people worldwide to hold a Cannabis Sommelier Certification, Tamara was selected from 25,000 applicants to serve on AHLOT’s Cannabis Curation Committee ( To enhance her current certifications, she is enrolled in the Cannabis Educator for Health Care Professionals course offered by Michener Institute at UHN. Tamara is Co-Owner, CIO and Director of Education at the Cannabis Cooking Company ( and the founder of CannaLily Consulting (

Sarah Remillard

Sarah Remillard
Social Media: @She_Whispers_To_Plants_2

I’ve had a passion for cannabis for 20+ years. I am a stay at home mom. I’ve always believed in the healing powers of cannabis, have just been to shy to come out until recently! I love growing my medication. I have an ACMPR license. I am currently apprenticing under Keri McBrien who is the founder of She Whispers to Plants. We love to teach about the healing powers of cannabis in all its forms. Love making infused bath products, and infusing food with it! I am very passionate about advocating for cannabis and woman 🙂 Its my lifestyle. ✌????& ❤️

Murrisa burdeau

Murrisa Bourdeau 
Social Media: Murrillazoe

At 28 years old, I am the CEO of Flagship Cannabis a native cannabis lifestyle brand based out of Ontario Canada . On a day-to-day I cannabis consult from the moment I open my eyes until I pass out . Helping people realize cannabis’ true potential in various ways . I’ve given up life as I once knew it, risking my own life in hopes of bettering others lives. Freeing the plant has always been my prerogative .

Anita Glibota that's what weed said

Anita Glibota
Social Media:  @thats.what.weed.said

Anita Glibota is a busy mom in a blended family of 5 boys, with her partner Matthew in Kitchener, Ontario. She is a freelance writer, content creator and educator in the cannabis industry. Through her creativity and authentic storytelling, she has quickly amassed a social media following under the handle @Thats.What.Weed.Said.

Before her entry into the world of cannabis, Anita worked as a trainer and learning facilitator in the communications industry. She suffered a traumatic brain injury in 2015, and became a cannabis patient in an effort to support her healing. Learning and sharing information about cannabis and its many uses, became a focus and passion that has changed her life.

Please read more details of Anita’s story here on her website

Sandra Nomoto

Sandra Nomoto
Social Media: @sandranomoto  @sandranomoto

An aspiring world traveller, vegan, and copywriter, Sandra Nomoto is the Senior Administrative Coordinator for Grow Tech Labs and Managing Editor of TruHavn, an online magazine on plant science, nutrition, and medicine. She worked in the public relations industry for 13 years, during which she launched Conscious Public Relations Inc. at the age of 25. Over the 10 years in business, Nomoto was awarded the 2009 Volunteer of the Year by Women In Film & Television Vancouver, earned B Corporation® certification, and contributed to eWomenNetwork Vancouver earning the Best Social Media and Community Engagement Award. Nomoto is the author of The Only Public Relations Guide You’ll Ever Need, blogs at and for Cold Tea Collective, and serves on the board of the Vancouver Mural Festival. She practices Transcendental Meditation daily, sells a line of bold journals, and has been eating vegan since 2018.

Laura JohnstonSocial Media: @LjohnstonM

My consultant practice began when a friend asked me to help him start his business. It was then I found my true passion. I founded LMJC in 2009 to work with startups and existing businesses that endeavor to innovate, transition, and thrive. LM Johnston Consulting has since worked independently and with professional teams, implementing initiatives in a wide variety of projects in diverse industries. 

I have been writing for with the cannabis industry since Colorado legalized in 2012. We have worked with a wide range of clients in the Americas, Europe, and Asia – reporting on the most recent regulations and compliance and on economic and consumer trends. We have written over 30 business plans, 20 feasibility studies and business cases, several white papers, and countless market research reports in the cannabis industry. We provide realistic and defensible financial statements that have been proven to appeal and enlist the support of lending institutions and investors. We have assisted numerous companies launch in this industry with success.

Over the last two years, I have been committed to supporting the exceptional entrepreneurship and leadership shown by women in this industry. As a woman who supports other women, I am dedicated to the promotion of exceptional individuals who deserve recognition, respect, and, above all, the support of other women in the cannabis community

Selina Jane Eckersall

Selina Jane Eckersall
Social Media: @selinajane 

Selina is the Director of Marketing & Communications at Kanata Earth; an Indigenous-owned Canadian cannabis company focused on genetics, research and analytical testing. Educated in marketing along with holding a Direct Marketing Accreditation (with Distinction) with the Canadian Marketing Association, Selina has spent almost 2 decades in marketing and communications. She has experience spanning tech startups, public art and cannabis and previously worked for Carlson Marketing (now Aimia) managing VIP brands like Ford of Canada and BMO (Bank of Montreal) as well as working in National marketing for HMV Canada early in her career.

Selina spent two years in a marketing leadership role at one of Toronto’s most successful social media tech startups, Wattpad; a globally focused company that revolutionized and serialized reading for the social web. Selina has helped several startup companies over the last decade and is a true entrepreneur at heart.

For the last three years Selina has been exclusively concentrated on helping startups and brands succeed in the regulated Canadian cannabis space and has been with Kanata Earth since 2017. Selina has served as the Board Chair for the Grow Up Conference and currently sits on the advisory board at O’Cannabiz Conference & Expo.

Barinder rasode CEO growtech labs

Barinder Rasode
Social Media: @barinderrasode

Home grown social influencer Barinder Rasode’s quintessential advocacy for Canadian values is nationally renowned. Her leadership, mastery of complex subjects, and innovation guide a plethora of issues that impact the everyday life of Canadians. A strong believer in creating cohesion and synchronicity, Barinder leads by example to propel a team’s natural strengths to levels of exceptionality that help shape objectives, narratives, and discourse.

Currently, Barinder is the CEO of Grow Tech Labs based in Vancouver, BC. She has extensive experience working with senior levels of government, stakeholders, and the private sector to find common ground to encourage respectful, informed dialogue on diverse issues to tackle emerging challenges facing Canada’s future.

She founded National Institute of Cannabis Health and Education (NICHE) to promote evidence-based research and education about cannabis, and formerly served as CEO and Board President.

A fierce advocate of women’s rights, Barinder is the Co-Founder and Advisory Committee Chair for a unique series of conferences, SheTalks, each featuring 16 inspirational women who share stories of leadership, transformation, innovation, and how to succeed in today’s rapidly changing world.

Previously, Barinder served two terms as an elected Councillor for the City of Surrey, taking leadership roles in public safety and transportation. She has also served on the Board of Directors for Fraser Health Authority, which provides governance and vision for the largest health organization in British Columbia. In her appointed role, she worked with senior management to establish overall strategic direction, review long-term plans, and ensure appropriate community consultation.

Among her many accolades, Vancouver Magazine ranked her as one of the 50 most powerful people in Vancouver.

Anisha Reindorf 
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Anisha Reindorf is the mind behind HighKu. HighKu is a female empowered company spreading our joy of Cannabis around the whole of Canada (currently residing in Edmonton). We are 100% Vegan, & Gluten Free, creating Vegan friendly experiences that elevates your senses to a Higher Level. We are here to break the stigma behind this amazing plant, through education and busting myths. Cannabis (marijuana) is a plant that contains biologically active substances in its leaves, flowers, and buds through extracts (for example, oil and concentrates). We use all parts of this amazing plant to help treat symptoms like pain, nausea, anxiety, lack of appetite, and sleep deprivation.

We want to show the world “You don’t need to get high to reap the benefits of this plants”. With that being said we offer a wide range of products, Cannabis and non-cannabis related, all natural and under a holistic lifestyle.

sarah tahor headshot

Sarah Tahor
Social Media: @smtn48

Sarah Tahor is the Co-Founder and CEO of Can Innovations (CI), an accelerator for innovative cannabis technologies.
Sarah is an entrepreneur with 15+ years of leadership experience in international business strategy, M&A, business development and strategic partnerships primarily in technology companies. Before establishing CI she was the VP Business Development at Lift & Co. (TSXV: LIFT), the largest Canadian Cannabis Aggregator. Before that, she held Executive Business Development roles in various startups and established companies in Israel and the US. She also founded and raised funds for her own company, Photostalgia in 2016. Sarah holds an MBA from Tel Aviv University and a BA from the University of British Columbia. In her spare time, she enjoys mentoring startups, travelling and spending time with her family, preferably outdoors.


Heidi Haller Groshelle
Social Media: @heidigro

Heidi entered the cannabis industry in 2015 after four decades of technology public relations, which included launching consumer products like the first plasma TVs, the first mobile phone for kids, and the first flying car. Heidi’s passion for the plant has allowed her business to thrive with a stellar client roster including PHILTER Labs, PLUS Products, PrestoDoctor, CannaBiz Connections, TraceTrust, and Solful Dispensary to name a few. In the past five years, Heidi has introduced the first cannabis-infused gum, rolled out the first line of doctor-designed and approved cannabis topicals, and launched dozens of cannabis brands onto the national stage. Heidi has earned numerous accolades for her work including the Hermes Award, Bulldog, and Communicator awards. Heidi’s unique approach to cannabis (and her stellar client roster) has given her a reputation as a leader in the cannabis market and more importantly as a champion of all women in the industry.


Amie Reiman
Social Media: @my.hiplife @stokedandsoaked

Amie Reiman is a Niagara Falls/Toronto local and working professional and single mother of one, who brings a wealth of experience to the challenge of balancing one’s health & wellness on top of parenting and career demands.

After 10+ years in the marketing world, Amie has taken a leap of faith in her mission to advocate health & wellness as well as to rid the stigma’s surrounding cannabinoid therapies to parents, workers and families in need. Her son being one of Ontario’s first pediatric cannabis prescriptions is a testimony in the special needs community to the healing powers of cannabis as well as her own journey of physical and mental health traumas being plant based healed.

A true speaker and blogger at heart, this busy mom is working to create an educational platform raised from personal experiences and connectivity in the health/cannabis space as she offers support and encouragement to women, touching on topics such as:Parenting, Self-Care/Self Love, Health, Cannabis and Wellness, Relationships and Sisterhood.

Amie also works in contract with various clients and groups as a connector of cannabis products globally and within the Canadian supply chain for pharmaceutical companies and licensed producers. Amie also works with groups to position and securing financing, joint ventures, M&A, strategic partnerships and product sales & development.

Finally, Amie heads up the team at Plants not Pills as a lead Sales Director of the sexual health CBD capsule, Stoked and Soaked. With alignment of her past life experiences in Business development, Amie works with distributor, wholesalers, affiliate marketers and uses social media savvy to engage B2B and B2C consumers in the US and Europe.
cindy tran canweedine mary jane bunch femme420

Cindy Tran
Social Media:
@canweedine @maryjanebrunch @thefemme420

Her personal journey into Cannabis stemmed from her own struggles and challenges with not having control over her own health and mental well being. With the courage to explore, learn and take charge of her health through Cannabis, she wanted to pursue empowering others to seek out the same for themselves through an industry that had so much stigma behind it. 

As a founding community builder at Mary Jane Brunch, Cindy has also recently been a huge advocate for women and men exploring the cannabis community. Encouraging more candid conversations and exploring the health benefits and options available for a contemporary Cannabis education from the lens of a new consumer. She founded CanWeeDine Productions to lead the creative strategies for media and storytelling in Cannabis.

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