Stressful times like the current COVID-19 pandemic means we’re all eating at home more, grocery shopping less and most likely consuming our fair share of cannabis. These Infused garlic beans courtesy of The Ganja Mama will be added to your weekly meal night roster, especially in times like we are experiencing today. This side dish will go with just about anything and you most likely have these items on hand in your pantry and in the back of your fridge. Feel free to sub out the mozzarella for your favourite cheese or use your favourite breadcrumbs! Remember cooking with cannabis should taste great and be fun. 

infused garlic beans from ganja mama

3 C. Chopped Green Beans (fresh, frozen or canned)
1/3 C. Cream Cheese 
1/3 C. Cannabis Butter or Ghee
2 Tbsp. Cream 
4 Cloves Minced Garlic
1/3 C. Lemon Juice
1/2 C. Italian Bread Crumbs 
1/2 C. Mozzarella 

  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees 
  2. Grease casserole dish 
  3. Combine cream cheese, cannabis butter, cream, lemon juice, minced garlic in a bowl, season with salt and pepper
  4. Toss green beans in cream mixture and pour into baking dish 
  5. Cover in bread crumbs and mozzarella and bake for 45 minutes uncovered and enjoy!

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