Introducing Oak and Earth Creations, Canadian-made sustainable cannabis accessories. We sat down with the founder Nick Booth to learn all about Oak and Earth Creations and their mission to support a healthy planet.

Tell us about Oak and Earth Creations and how you came up with the idea.

Oak and Earth Creations was created to fulfill the need for beautiful, sustainable, locally made cannabis accessories. Through my time with Wolf Grinders and Green Mountain Cannabis I realized there was a demand for aesthetically pleasing cannabis accessories that are functional and earth-friendly. Remaining local and sustainable, engaging with our community and encouraging creativity around our products are our core values.

Which product(s) are you most excited about bringing to consumers?

My favourite is the Mahuta bong, which features an ice-catch highlighted by the wooden collar. All of our hand-crafted accessories are made with slip-casted clay and salvaged wooden accents. We also have a rolling tray coming along with a wider variety of bong and pipe designs. I’m also working on an outdoor planter that’s perfect for cannabis as well as a variety of other plants.

What is Oak and Earth Creations doing to support a healthy planet?

Oak and Earth Creations has a partnership with One Tree Planted Inc; for every product sold five trees are planted. But our sustainable initiatives don’t stop with tree planting. Once we have sold 1,000 Mahuta bongs we are going to install solar panels on our roof that will offset 100% of the energy used by our kiln. We are also committed to giving back to the environment as Oak and Earth grows. All of our products are currently ceramic with either real wood accents or a wood-like epoxy accent. The wood is salvaged from a furniture producer in Ontario, which helps to reduce waste.

Tell us about your “Customize Your Smokeware” sessions.

At Oak and Earth Creations we like to encourage creativity, creation and bringing our community together. That’s why, with the help of our local retail partners, we are hosting weekly customize your smokeware sessions. This is a truly unique experience in which you have the opportunity to paint a freshly bisqued pipe, in whatever style and design you choose. Currently, our sessions are held once a week and you must register to attend.

What do you think businesses can do to be more sustainable? I think environmental responsibility is the greatest challenge humans face today. Cannabis users are often more liberal and more believing in climate change but this is something many industries should be (and are) getting behind in actionable ways. Whether that’s pairing with organizations to reduce your carbon footprint, having a sustainability leadership team, or offering educational opportunities for your workers to see the benefits of sustainable business, it’s important that businesses take accountability for their social and ecological impacts.

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