Women are most likely to use cannabis for health and wellness purposes, with stress, anxiety and chronic pain relief the top three incentives. Health Canada’s framework allows medical users to grow their cannabis at  home, which inspires patients to take greater control of their treatment, become self-sufficient and cultivate a close personal connection with the plant. 

Growing cannabis with high therapeutic value is an art, which combines nature and nurture in equal parts. It starts with acquiring the best possible genetics, specifically developed for their outstanding medicinal attributes, and providing an environment  conducive to cannabis cultivation.

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Girl Power

The medicinal properties of cannabis lies within its trichomes, with the vast majority found in its flowers – which only female plants produce. To avoid patients growing unproductive males, Parkland Flower supplies feminized seeds, so they only invest in plants with significant medicinal value. 

The licensed producer specializes in creating world-class genetics that can be grown anywhere by anyone, and provides THC and CBD levels for its strains in addition to finishing time. This enables patients to calculate how much each harvest will yield and when, to ensure a steady supply of medicine.

Parkland Flower is just one of the craft growers that provides outstanding medical cannabis genetics through Patient Choice’s ecosystem, which redefines how patients receive and access medical cannabis. To support a diverse range of health and wellness goals, the platform curates an extensive selection of high-quality seeds and cuttings, which encourage patients to grow cannabis  at home.

Cannabis Cultivation

Following germination cannabis has three major growth stages; seedling, vegetative and flowering. Plants typically transcend the seedling stage in three weeks, at which point they need at least 18 hours of constant light daily and may benefit from additional nitrogen. Certain strains can triple in size when flowering, so growers should initiate the crucial phase before space becomes a concern.

To emulate the changing seasons which trigger flowering, indoor growers switch to a light schedule of 12 hours on and 12 hours off. White hairs will form at bud sites, with phosphorus promoting flower development. For the majority the flowering stage will last approximately eight weeks, with the pistils turning amber when plants are ready for harvest.

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Faster Flower

From seed to finished flower can take over 30 weeks, with genetics refined to accelerate the process. The longer plants take to develop, the greater the opportunity for complications to arise and the fewer harvests growers can achieve annually. A major breakthrough was the creation of auto-flowering strains, with the ability to seemingly bypass the vegetative stage to finish in just 10 weeks.

This enables patients to grow outdoors in locations with short growing seasons, and indoors quicker and easier. With just flowering to focus on, growers only require one nutrient solution and one light cycle. Parkland Flower provides Patient Choice’s platform with a number of auto-flowering strains, such as Northern Lights Auto and Next Generation Blueberry Auto, to further simplify growing at home.

Even with the best genetics at their disposal, growing cannabis with exceptional medicinal value can take years to perfect. Consequently, patients should avoid relying solely on home grown medicine. Patient Choice recognizes this and provides a comprehensive portfolio of medicinal cannabis products, alongside its seeds and cuttings, from over a dozen revered licensed producers. For more information, please see the Patient Choice website