The rapidly falling leaves and sounds of “All I Want for Christmas is You” suddenly streaming through airwaves mean one thing. It’s officially the holiday season! If you’re on the hunt for the perfect stocking stuffers or under-the-tree treats, read on for a list of thoughtful, eco-conscious and cannabis-friendly suggestions for the special people in your life. 

Roach Clip

First from Flower Stampede is a uniquely elegant way to hold a joint; the Ring Roach Clip. This adorable accessory comes in three different colours – rose gold, yellow gold and silver – and prevents smells while also protecting fingers and manicures from yellowing and burns. With the adjustable diameter, the Roach Clip can hold joints, blunts and pre-rolls of all sizes and ensures maximum enjoyment. Gift an elevated hands-free sash experience this holiday with Flower Stampede’s best selling product. 

Lipstick Pipe

Consuming cannabis on the go can be tricky sometimes but fear not, because the chic Canadian female-owned Flower Stampede has your loved ones covered with their adorable and discreet Lipstick Pipe. Made from easy-to-clean heavy-duty aluminium, the Lipstick Pipe easily transforms from case to pipe in seconds. It also has a deep hidden bowl for discreet but maximised recreational or medical consumption on the move. 

Gibson Vaporizer Kit

The Gibson Flower Vaporizer Kit from BLifted features the essentials for a satisfying vaporizing experience and is the perfect kit for full control of vapour production odour protection with a lock for added discretion. For a hands-on gift experience, the Kit comes with a Smell Safe Case which secures your kit with padding and a combination lock, a 2-Piece Grinder and an Airtight Storage Tube, to keep cannabis fresh and easy to dispense. You don’t need to worry about keeping all these bits clean, as the Kit comes with a cleaning solution, cotton swabs, and a brush for user convenience. This kit has everything you need and is the perfect gift for those just starting their cannabis journey. 

The Boss Bath Bomb

Eve & Co offers an invigorating, handmade bath bomb made with high-quality ingredients including full-spectrum cannabis distillate for your gift-giving wish list this year. Infused with a carefully blended combination of grapefruit, sweet orange, natural lemon essential oils, the Boss Bath Bomb is balanced with a specific terpene profile with aromatic properties that all work together to energise, reduce stress and stimulate circulation. Give the gift of relaxation this season with Eve & Co. 

1:1 Cream

After a year of living, working and getting stuff done anyone would be pleased to get a gift that helps relax aching muscles and joints when discomfort kicks in. Axea’s 1:1 cream is a gently menthol scented topical product infused with a balanced amount of full-spectrum THC, CBD and anti-inflammatory Arnica oil. 

This non-greasy cream is a cooling, gentle solution to body aches and pains. 

Natural Coconut Candle 

When you think “holiday scents” what comes to mind? Pumpkin? Gingerbread? How about Lavender or Mint? One favourite of the season is the Natural Coconut Candle from the innovative Eco Four Twenty, coming in a variety of scents, and made using a natural coconut and virgin soy mixture. The candle is nestled in a real coconut shell and features a wooden wick that crackles when it burns, releasing the infused aroma fragrance oils into the room. Every candle is 100% unique and makes for great decor and natural fragrance, even when unlit, and has the added bonus of being budget-friendly so you can even get one for yourself. 

Northern Lights Autoflower Seeds

When in doubt, plants make great gifts, but you can take your plant gift-giving to the next level by getting your loved one Northern Lights Autoflower Seeds for a unique home growing experience. Parkland Flower’s Northern Lights Autoflower contains Auto Blue Cheese hybridised with Northern Lights, and presents earthy flavours with a slightly sweet taste. This heavy-yielding seed is great for new growers or the seasoned green thumbs and is bred specifically for Canadian climates. 

The Wand

For a discreet sash on the go, Jane West offers up a unique Vaporiser for an alternative smoke-free session, disguised as a high-end mascara for ultra-chic discretion. The Wand features a soft square silhouette for an ergonomic grip, a secure swivel cap to store your favourite flower and kitchen-grade enamel to protect from wear and tear. The design also prioritises safety, placing an aluminium core that prevents overheating. With The Wand, you’re always ready for the next session. 

BWFW Crewneck

Buy Weed From Women is committed to working with good brands and good women to offer brilliant products in exceptional packaging, and build stronger and more lucrative communities for women. The Buy Weed From Women crewneck is a cosy gift option, perfect for combatting the chilly weather and supporting a grassroots collective dedicated to empowering women. The crewneck is screen-printed, completely unisex and uniquely made with integrity by a hard-working team.

This diverse list aims to simplify your shipping tips and cater to even the toughest gift-getter to shop for. Give these thoughtful, creative and eco-conscious stores a visit and cross some items off your list. 

Happy shopping, and happy holidays!