Canndora Fierce Founders Edition products reflect lifestyle needs of elevated cannabis consumers

Canndora, one of Canada's leading cannabis accessories brand and vibrant communities for elevated women, released a spring curation of products celebrating entrepreneurship and women and their accomplishments in the cannabis industry.

The collaborative effort of an inspiring cohort of women includes Canndora’s CEO, Katie Pringle, cannabis educationist, Tijen Yalchin, nutritionist and herbalist, Ashley Short, influencer and safe access advocate, Gill Polard, accomplished retailer, Charlie Snow, tech innovator Val McCulloch, compliance expert, Kieley Beaudry and Jill Provençal, a leading name in creating natural and eco-certified cannabis based products, the Founders Edition Box has innovative and highly coveted products specifically targeted at women who are seeking a holistic lifestyle experience with cannabis. Learn more about the cool products in the Canndora Fierce Founders Edition here.

“Diversity in leadership is something that we need to keep talking about, in order to keep it front of mind. The emergence of a legal Cannabis industry presents an opportunity to actively work toward gender parity and the inclusion of POC at the highest levels”, says Polard, whose Her(B)Life has been at the forefront of promoting the female cannabis experience through industry interviews, education and media. Awarded the first ever “Cannabis Leader of the Year” trophy from Notable Life, Polard recognizes the need for strong female representation at the highest stations of the significantly male-dominated cannabis industry in Canada. Canndora’s Fierce Founders Edition is a momentous step in this direction.

"The cannabis industry needs diverse leadership to best serve the market. We know that women have different needs when it comes to cannabis, leading to different consumer behaviours. Supporting women is part of Canndora's core values." - Katie Pringle, CEO Canndora, Elevated Accessories.

Canndora’s co-founders are committed to collaborating with fellow fierce entrepreneurs and innovators in the community to develop and promote high quality products that meet the unique requirements of female consumers and are specific to their lifestyle.

For media inquiries please contact Danielle McKay, Account Coordinator, Marigold Marketing & PR,, 905-808-7230.

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