Confidence, Spirit, and Community: Canndora’s Newest Partner Abi Roach

The Canndora team has loved partnering with Hotbox and Abi Roach on our release of the #HotboxEdition!

Abi Roach is an OG in the Canadian cannabis space, the owner of the famous Hotbox Cafe as well as other ventures through her company Hotbox Holdings. 

Abi Roach

What initially drew you to the cannabis industry?
I started my entrepreneurial adventure as a teen selling handmade jewelry on Queen W in the early 90s. There I met people from all walks of life with a common thread, they all loved cannabis. I started making hemp jewelry and learned about cannabis culture, through music and the arts. As I got older and matured into a small business person, the natural progression was continuing on my cannabis journey. 

The people I met through my years serving the cannabis community is what kept me going. I have such warm, caring, loyal and creative customers.

Hotbox Cafe prides itself on being a place for community to congregate, why do you feel community is so important?
Community is the heartbeat of a successful business. You can have the greatest business idea on earth, but if your customer base does not rally behind your brand, the business will fail.

The Hotbox has always prided itself on its community, not only the customers, but also our relationships with our neighbours and allies.

What about partnering with Canndora are you most excited for?
We’re excited to be bringing our brand lifestyle & philosophy to a group of customers who may not necessarily have deep roots in the cannabis community, and introducing them to the Hotbox Crew. 

Abi Roach at Canndora Connect

Do you feel being a woman in the cannabis industry is a disadvantage?
Nothing in life is a disadvantage, unless you make it so. What makes us different is a strength. Women make up over 50% of the earth, a strong business minded woman will propel herself through the challenges of life as much as any man.

Why do you think it’s important for women to have the pieces in the HotBox Edition?
The Hotbox collection is designed for style & canna-comfort. When I go out, it’s important to me that I can consume my cannabis in high fashion. The smell-proof purses are designed to hold a vaporizer or other smoking accessory, a stash container, and a light bamboo tray for easy and mess free rolling and filling. They all fit perfectly in the carbon lined purse, so I smell like Chanel, not weed.

What is your female audience like? What are they looking for?
I find that our female audience is free spirited and confident in themselves. Maybe it’s the spirit the staff and I present to the world that attracts such spirited women to the Hotbox Brand.

Are you a Hotbox head? Once you get your hands on the Canndora #HOTBOXEdition we know you will be.

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