Canndora Q&A: The High and Mighty/Rolling Picks

The High and Mighty is a Montreal-based Etsy shop that sells ‘Stoner-Chic Gifts.’ The most popular item is their Rolling Picks, a joint rolling tool with a pretty twist.

Every pick is handmade and unique – not to mention so useful! This is the tool you knew you needed but didn’t know existed – until now. The pointy tip helps spread and pack weed, while the blunt (ha…) end is perfect for pushing stray ganja into the top of the joint so it doesn’t get caught in the twist.

The High and Mighty is always releasing limited-edition Rolling Picks, like their current orange-and-purple, Glow-in-the-Dark Halloween version.

We sat down with Co-Founder Sheena to discuss Montreal’s cannabis culture, rolling tips and tricks, and favourite cannabis moments. Read on to see what this cool cannabis company is all about.

Rolling Picks offer a simple solution to a decades-old problem. Did the idea come about as we assume it did, while rolling a joint, or was it something else?

Even though it has always been my preferred way of smoking, until my late 20’s I couldn’t roll a joint to save my life. I’ve always been crafty, and I like making my life easier, so I started thinking. The first rolling pick was actually called “the purple thingy” and was completely different — it was much bigger, and I actually used it as a mold to wrap a paper around. It also had a pointed end that I used to pack the weed into the pre-rolled paper. I eventually learned to roll, but my now-husband and I kept using that pointed tip to roll all our joints.

When it broke, we realised that it was actually a really, really useful little tool, and I had to immediately replace it. I knew we didn’t need the mold part anymore, and it being longer and slimmer would make it easier to evenly pack the joint all the way to the tip, with a wider flat end to pack everything down. And today’s Rolling Pick was born!

How did you decide on the design of Rolling Picks?

I wanted to have a signature look to tie the collections together, and the white just really highlights any colour it’s mixed with. I guess partially because of my style, I noticed most of my clientele was female, and I really wanted to run with that. I wanted to make them pretty, trippy, fun, and bright. I love that they look like candy.

Which Rolling Pick design is your personal favourite?

It’s so hard to choose! I love all the colours. My personal pick is green, but I think my favourite was the limited edition unicorn pick.

Before rolling picks, what random items were you reaching for when rolling joints?

I was always using pencils and pens, and sometimes scissors.

Anything else coming from you that we can look forward to?

I have so much planned! Not only do I have three new pick designs in the works, we’re also launching a line of iron-on patches for the holiday season.

What other cannabis accessories do you love?

I really love my doob tubes! They’re great because they’re totally smell-proof. I also have a cigarette case that I call my ‘magic box of joints’, since my husband will sometimes fill it with joints he rolled for me.

Why did you want to be involved in Canndora?

So many reasons! There are so few Canadian cannabis subscription boxes, and even fewer that are made specifically for stoner ladies. Canndora is for Canadian women by Canadian women, and promotes a message of positivity and support. It’s extremely refreshing!

What’s your favourite cannabis-focused film?

Hands down, Breaking The Taboo, the 2011 documentary. It discusses the war on drugs, and how drugs won that war. It’s a little dated, but an interesting study nonetheless.

How is the cannabis culture in Montreal? How is working together? What role do you hope Rolling Picks plays in legalization or what are you hoping for post-prohibition?

Most people in Montreal who smoke marijuana are open about it. Everyone knows someone who deals and it’s not uncommon to smell weed basically anywhere in the city. Still, there aren’t a whole lot of legal ways to buy it.

I’m hoping that post-prohibition means buying weed will be like buying beer: you can get it at private stores anywhere as well as government run outlets like the SAQ, and there’s no worry about supply meeting demand. I’m probably just dreaming in colour, though.

We think we know the answer, but still have to ask. Smokeables or edibles? Why, and when?

Definitely smokeables. Edibles just don’t work for me. I once ate three cookies and felt nothing. (Canndora Editor’s Note: don’t try this at home!) 

Favourite cannabis moment? Personal or otherwise.

It comes around once a week: Wake ‘n Bake Saturdays, followed by really delicious greasy food at our favourite breakfast restaurant.

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