BRNT x Canndora - The Rise of Design-Centric Cannabis Accessories

Founded in Alberta, BRNT Designs creates the perfect accessories for the cultured cannabis user. Each of their products is made by hand and is truly a work of art.

Inspired by their minimal and innovative designs, we decided to partner with BRNT to create a rolling tray that is both beautiful and functional; get it here.

We interviewed the talented Simon Grigenas, co-founder and CEO of BRNT. We talked about the origins of BRNT, the Canadian cannabis industry, our exciting collab, and his tips on product development.

What is BRNT and how did it come to be?

BRNT is a consumer-facing lifestyle brand which specializes in creating premium, design-focused cannabis accessories and products. BRNT was initially created as a part of an entrepreneurship and marketing course by our founding team at the University of Alberta. We wanted to bring elements of modernism as well as blending form and function to all the products we create.

What does it mean to be part of the Canadian cannabis industry leading up to the end of prohibition?

It is truly an extraordinary once in a lifetime experience to be able to participate in the creation of a completely new industry. From the efforts of Canadians across the country as well as the work completed by all levels of government, we are proud that Canada will be a worldwide leader in the cannabis space. The entire team at BRNT feels blessed to be a part of the Canadian companies and brands which will aid in changing the negative stigma associated with cannabis once and for all!

Why are you partnering with Canndora?

We are partnering with Canndora to continue to build a community around quality and design-centric goods. With Canndora’s following of unique women who appreciate beauty and discretion, BRNT’s products fell right into place. We are excited to be working with such a great company.

We were thrilled to include the rolling tray in our Summer 2018 Box! Can you tell us more about its features?

Of course! The BRNT x Canndora Rolling Tray was inspired by the Yaketa our full-size walnut rolling tray. The BRNT x Canndora tray was made and designed to be discrete, functional, and perfect for anyone rolling on-the-go. With its smaller footprint and magnetic wood scraper, it’s the ideal accessory for the best rolling ritual without any mess. The tray is completely handmade from walnut in Edmonton, Alberta ensuring that no two trays are alike and the piece you own is truly one of a kind, just like each of Canndora’s subscribers!

What is your advice for anyone looking to start product/accessory development within the cannabis space?

My advice is to dedicate time and effort to narrow the scope of your style and your inspiration. From accessories to cannabis product development, signature designs and creative subtleties are what really stand out in a consumer’s landscape. If you can narrow down what drives and inspires your individuality, product design becomes limitless.

Follow BRNT on Instagram to have a peek at their minimal and innovative designs.

What other Canadian cannabis companies would you like us to partner with? Drop us a comment below!


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