Elevated Hostess: Become the Cannabis Host-with-the-Most

In our world of legal recreational cannabis we have so many options when it comes to entertaining, but it's still new. We’re familiar with what’s what around alcohol – what and how much to provide at parties, how to serve it, and what traditions go along with it, like saying ‘Cheers!’ and raising a toast.

But with weed, do the same rules of etiquette still apply? Absolutely! The Elevated Hostess blog is here to help you and offer entertainment and hosting guidance for your pot parties.

CBC News interviewed Lizzie Post, the great-great-granddaughter of etiquette expert Emily Post and co-president of The Emily Post Institute. Here’s what she had to say:

“I think where it goes wrong is when people just assume that because it’s legal they can do it anywhere, anytime and it doesn’t matter,” she said. “All the rules of good etiquette still apply.”

As people start to navigate the new social reality of open marijuana use, Post said, the etiquette around bringing pot to parties has many similarities to alcohol consumption.

For example, a bottle of wine is usually considered a great host or hostess gift, she said, but not if the host doesn’t drink wine — or doesn’t drink at all.

Cannabis is similar, “Bringing over some nice weed as a hostess gift is totally going to be appropriate,” Post said, but only if the person holding the party is actually into pot.

Post says the core etiquette principles of ‘consideration, respect and honesty’ apply to legal marijuana use (The Emily Post Institute).

When to serve edibles at a dinner party:
Here are suggestions on serving edibles at a dinner party – for recipes, see our Cannabis-Infused Thanksgiving Recipes blog that’s got some great ideas that can be used year-round.

Appetizers and starters

  • Creating cannabis-infused menus
  • Cheese course versus edibles course
  • Dessert edibles and coffee versus dessert, coffee and after-dinner liquors

Moving out of the garage:
Gone are the days when cannabis consumers are banished to the garage, halfway down the street, or that weird spot behind the shed. Take these decorating tips to help you host the perfect pot party.

  • Suitable relaxation set up in sun rooms, porches, and seating areas
  • After dinner cannabis – stay seated at the table – if you’re smoking, make sure it’s in a well-ventilated area and that all your guests are comfortable with it
  • The smoke circle: establish a tradition where rather than getting together to drink, or eat, you gather in a circle to smoke with your friends. Set up a nice atmosphere with your favourite music, create a new entertainment experience around cannabis, and adopt rituals. Don’t forget: puff, puff, give….pass to the left!

Accessories to have ready for your guests
Don’t forget to make your guests feel welcome with pretty (and pretty useful) pot-related products. Our best ideas are below.
Luxury papers and new accessories to discover, like celebratory gold papers

  • Tasteful grinders, slim beautiful vaporizers, and small artistic bongs
  • Lovely rolling trays and picks
  • Candles, air fresheners and containers

Have you ever hosted a pot party before? Please do let us know how it went on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

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