Elevated Hostess: Halloween Recipe Dirt and Worms

Happy Halloween! If you’re late AF at everything like us, but still want to be the hostess with the mostest, you’ll love this last-second, 10-minute Halloween recipe from our friends at 420 Foodie Club.

It’s a classic. Dirt and worms. Got a sweet edible on hand? Here’s the best way to use it.

1 Baked Edible (cookie or brownie, recommended dose: 10 mg THC/ CBD)
Whipped Cream
8 Gummy Worms
4 Oreos

1) Divide all ingredients evenly in 4 dishes/cups.
2) Crumble baked edible and oreo together and use half to line bottom of a serving dish. Fill each dish with whipped cream and sprinkle remaining half to cover cream.
3) Add gummy worms to the top.
4) Have a Happy Halloween!

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420 Foodie Club is a thriving community and resource for people like you, who love to cook, make, consume and learn about cannabis cuisine. We strive to destigmatize cannabis food as more than just “pot brownies” by showcasing the diversity and creativity of the modern wave of cannabis chefs and edible makers.

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