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Elevated Hostess: Spiced White Chocolate Drink

This recipe by U.K. cannabis chef Gastrofaza puts a delicious spin on the white chocolate drink  by adding cardamom, peppercorn and cannabis!


300 ml Cannamilk

50 ml Water

100 gram White Chocolate

Vanilla Pod 

Cardamom Pods 

.5 tsp Pink Peppercorns


Put cannamilk in a pan, then add the seeds from a vanilla pod, crushed cardamom pods and crushed peppercorns.

Add the water to prevent the milk from burning. Put on medium heat and slowly bring up to boil.

Take off the heat and leave for few minutes to infuse. Break up your chocolate into small chunks.

Strain the still hot mixture, and pour it over the chocolate. Stir, until all the chocolate has melted. Serve immediately.


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