Emerging 'Green' to Your Family Over the Holidays

With cannabis now legal across Canada, and many U.S. states moving towards legalization or decriminalization, families may be adding the topic of cannabis to their holiday dinner table.

If you’re a closeted cannabis user, the news around cannabis could cause some awkward moments among curious, and opinionated family members.

It may also be the perfect event to emerge as proudly green, and make it an opportunity to share the benefits of cannabis with friends and family this holiday season.

Is there a good chance you’ll be emerging green this holiday season? Here are a few survival tips and ideas to bring even more green cheer to the holidays from someone with her own emerging green experiences:

Coming Clean About Cannabis Use

Movements like the community that we’re building within Canndora seek to shed a new light on people’s experience with cannabis. Through sharing our stories, we are able to put new faces to the typical cannabis user and help change the stigma.

Mothers are emerging as one of the strongest voices in the cannabis movement, and are sharing how choosing bud over booze is helping them become a more thoughtful and intentional parent. Other niche users, like senior citizens, are becoming involved, recognizing its health benefits compared to many traditional pharmaceutical drugs, particularly for pain.

Sharing your story with your family members around the holidays may be intimidating, especially around possibly conservative relatives – but its necessary if we all want to create change.

Spread the Knowledge

The first year of Cannabis legalization in Canada has been a time for dialogue and discourse as people share their opinions, and often limited knowledge on cannabis. For cannabis users, this cultural shift has allowed us to spread education on safe cannabis use, the benefits of cannabis, and how it interacts with the human body.

Open everyone’s eyes around your holiday table with facts about THC, CBDs, the endocannabinoid system, methods of consumption, and some of the emerging research around cannabis. It’s easy to argue with opinions; much less so with facts. Don’t be a Green Grinch if the conversation really turns sour – it’s the same with discussing politics – not worth ruining your Holiday over. Just as some don’t drink, or support Trump, some may never come around to cannabis use. State your opinion and move onto other topics – and sneak out for a discreet toke to calm down when you can!

Pass the Green Cheer

Just because cannabis is now legal in Canada doesn’t mean it’s a cue to get all your relatives stoned on your secret magic edibles, but it may be a time that you can squash some curiosities, and introduce cannabis into your holiday get-togethers.

You may be surprised which of your relatives is actually curious about cannabis – or who else is a secret connoisseur.

If your family is liberal enough to go there, let it be a “thing”, perhaps for the first time at a family gathering, and allow cannabis use. Model the way for safe and responsible use while keeping it out of the reach and exposure of children.

You could also add some green options into your holiday cooking (with adequate warnings and dosage information) – may we suggest a delicious menu? For those family members who may already be green, find some neat accessories to add to your holiday party for those who want to discreetly get in on the green cheer. If your time, place and company allow it, why not host a Holiday Smoke Circle?

Take This Opportunity

Cannabis has been legal for over a year in Canada, and that is to be celebrated. Jump on the movement of celebrating cannabis by emerging as a strong and proud cannabis user during the most wonderful time of the year.

Happy Holi-daze!

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Anne-Marie Fischer Moodie is a freelance cannabis writer and educator dedicated to cultivating and disseminating important knowledge about cannabis as legalization spreads across the globe. By consistently working with clients in the cannabis industry for their professional writing needs, Anne-Marie found a natural connection between her unique skill set and the needs of the cannabis industry. Now, CannaWrite is a freelance professional writing company that seeks to employ and empower other female writers in helping the world’s best cannabis companies.

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