Green Goddess Supply: The Perfect Grind

At Canndora, we do our best to find and feature the very best products that take consuming cannabis to a higher level. The Herb Grinder from Green Goddess Supply grinds up your greenery perfectly, another essential element to an excellent cannabis experience.

This sleek and discrete herb grinder (available in the Spring Box) is not your average grinder—we hashed out the details with founder of Green Goddess Supply, Eric Robichaud, starting from the very beginning of the Green Goddess Supply brand.

Tell us a bit about Green Goddess Supply.

When Green Goddess Supply launched, we had 25 years of running an interactive agency under our belt—from logo and creative design, to brand and web development, to PR. We had a lot of that not only in capability but in mentality. We saw an opportunity to create a brand in the cannabis space, and for product line extension.

We saw several holes in the industry at large and those challenges, themselves, create opportunity. One of the things that we saw was that when it comes to major smoking accessories—there’s a lot of low quality, generic, no-name junk out there. There also wasn’t a lot of brand presence in the industry, unlike fashion or any other mature industry. There are a couple of brands here and there, but they generally focus on their one product. We wanted to differentiate.

We saw an opportunity for branding and product line extension. Our approach has always been to develop really high quality, high end products. Our long-term goal is for people to become familiar with Green Goddess Supply as more of a lifestyle brand.

What inspired the Green Goddess name?

“Green Goddess” is a much less popular than the usual names for cannabis, like Mary Jane, or weed, pot, etc. But it’s actually a euphemism like any of the others. A friend used to say to me, “Come on, it’s time to go worship the Green Goddess,” similar to the 4:20 post-class tradition. This was 15 years ago, in the depth prohibition, so people were much more secretive about it. So, when it came time to create the company, that whole “Green Goddess” concept was an inspiration for that.

Why a herb grinder first?

There were a lot of grinders even back then but there were problems with them. Some of them, it’s the materials, like the straight pin design on the wood ones that don’t really grind and eventually come loose. Sometimes the manufacturer would load them up with far too many teeth, which makes it jam up because it’s just too full. Yes, you want sharp teeth, but you actually don’t want so many that you create a logjam.

It’s about education. If you look at our grinder it’s anodized aluminum, so there’s no flaking-off of plated material like you might find on a cheap steel grinder that’s been chrome plated.  Plus, the anodization makes the metal stronger and harder (this is why cookware – pots and pans – are often made from anodized aluminum). The biggest feature for me was having plenty of holes and larger holes, so that the ground herb can fall away to the bottom chamber and not clog up the grinder. This gives you a much better grinding experience.  One power tip: make sure your herb is properly dried. Wet, sticky herb is hard to grind and will gum up any grinder.  Unless you’re into the science of it and so forth, a lot of people in the consumer space don’t even notice these things. It’s not the same as a $5 or $10 cheap zinc grinder.

We started with the grinder first and then from there we started moving into some pipes and eventually moved into the wood products. Today, I would say the grinders and the wood products are staples. We’ve been moving towards a little more sophisticated products and higher-end products that have more engineering and design behind them, such as our new personal home-grow BioChamber.

Which of the products is your personal favorite?

I would say my personal favorite right now is the saxophone pipe—it’s cool, it’s fun and it’s actually a really great smoke. Another that I use on a daily basis is the bamboo rolling tray, and of course, our grinder. I pack and play and go from there.

What is coming next for Green Goddess Supply?

Our next big product is just going into production now. We’re very excited and it’s a big game changer. We’ve developed this new BioChamber, a grow chamber for plants, that we’ve been developing and prototyping for over four years. We address all of the major problems with homegrown — from smell to sound to pests, and we make it super easy.

We’ve simplified the growing process. Beginners often will fail unless they’re trained to grow. Cannabis is complicated, and you have all these variables like soil and water PH, nutrients, phosphate, nitrogen levels— use too much and you’ll burn your plants, use too little and you’ll starve them. We’ve created a system and process and we’ve done it in a very different approach than anybody else. We generate three to four times the yield out of a plant using our process.  And it’s super high quality, all organically grown, right in your own home! We’re in production now and will be shipping by the end of April, which will be ahead of the upcoming new rules which will allow for recreational home growing.

Our long-term plan with this product is to, well, to help people. And when you’re done growing, we have all the accessories to help you trim it, grind it, store it, roll it and smoke it!

What is the focus of Green Goddess Supply moving forward?

We are focused on building out our product line of consistently high-quality products, building relationships with our customers and, well, having some fun. We use a lot of humor in our social media presence and try to be very accessible. As the owner and CEO of the company, I interact with our user base and customers personally. We’re not just some big corporate brand that you can’t get a hold of. We can have a dialogue. We focus on awesome customer service first and foremost.

Any other thoughts for our Canndora Club members?

We’re hoping to do more with Canndora club in the future. We’re excited for Green Goddess Supply to be a part of the brand discovery. One of the things that I personally really like about subscription boxes is the brand discovery and product discovery. Someone’s going to open that box and see the grinder and say “Green Goddess Supply, who’s that?”

There’s the opportunity to discover new brands but also new products. Someone else will open the box and say, “Oh look, grinder – I usually just break up my fingers. I mean, why bother?” And then actually use it and realize that you get much fluffier, more consistent burn. When you’re breaking up with your fingers, you still get end up with big nugs and chunks and stuff that don’t burn evenly. You don’t waste herb like you do when you don’t use a grinder, and the herb burns more evenly.  Because they got the grinder in the box, they will now try it and learn, whereas they may not have had that experience if it didn’t show up in their mail box.  Subscription boxes like Canndora give people an opportunity to broaden their horizons, to learn new things—as product discovery is brand discovery.

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