How to (Legally) Celebrate Cannabis Legalization on October 17

October 17 is here, today we’ll be logging in online to purchase cannabis from the provincial governments, or lining up at either government-owned or privately-owned cannabis stores, depending on where you live.

It’s important that people recognize that cannabis legalization won’t be a free-for-all to enjoy cannabis wherever and whenever, but we are afforded so many more privileges now that we have legal access – and that’s something to celebrate.

Canndora has put together the ultimate guide to celebrating October 17 both in style, and within this new reality of regulated cannabis. We want you to have FUN with cannabis with your fellow enthusiasts while recognizing the privileges (and potential confines) of legalized cannabis.

How will you spend October 17? 

Plant your Plants

October really isn’t prime planting month for cannabis outdoors, but once legalization hits, every household will be entitled to legally cultivate 4 plants. This is your time to explore setting up an indoor grow system, understanding the intricacies of plant life cycle, watering, light cycles, and ventilation.

Interested to learn more about growing cannabis? Consider attending a consulting session with a professional grower. Ashley Athill and Sensii have teamed up to offer a Cannabis Personal Cultivation course. This course is 2-hours long, and packed with all the essential information for growing your own plants. You can book time with Athill at a time that is convenient for you. The cost of the course is $499. You can also take part in “Ganja School” which are 1.5-hour courses on growing, and outdoor cultivation and are accessible in cost.

Before you get your green thumb on, it’s important to recognize that the right to grow 4 plants cannot be transferred between properties; everyone must grow their own cannabis and limit it to 4 plants per household.

Attend a Cannabis Legalization Event 

From Victoria to Calgary, and soon to be sweeping west to east, will be cannabis-related events that celebrate legalization. One great resource for cannabis related events is, where you can see all the events across the nation. For example, there will be a “Marijuana becomes legal in Victoria, let’s celebrate” series of events on Vancouver Island, while 420-themed fundraisers are held in Calgary. Stay tuned to this website, and Canndora, as we announce cannabis-related events for on and around October 17.

Visit a Cannabis Store

It’s safe to say that legal cannabis stores will have a line up when they open on October 17 – join in the fun! Remember that you can only possess 30 grams of cannabis on you (1 ounce plus 2 grams), so you will be subject to purchase limits.

Do your research, look at your store’s digital menu, and plan your purchase. You’ll likely be exposed to more cannabis strains and choice than you ever have in other markets.

Stores like Modern Leaf in Manitoba are gearing up to pair their cannabis offerings with thoughtful design and educational programming. It’s sites like these that will begin to set an industry standard for cannabis education as a complement to cannabis sales, with Modern Leaf labeling the approach an “informed sales experience”.

Remember to bring your ID, as the whole point of legalization is to keep cannabis out of the hands of minors in a regulated way. You will absolutely not be sold cannabis if you look under 25, and can’t produce ID, similar to liquor stores.

Treat Yourself

Canndora has curated one of the most exciting cannabis accessory boxes for our subscribers to celebrate legalization. Take a look at our collection of cannabis accessories to get just a taste of what will come in the Legalization Box.

Join the #LegalizedIt campaign and share a message about what cannabis legalization in Canada means to you, for a chance to win the Legalization Box!

Host a Smoke Circle

As of October 2017, it’s 100% legal to use cannabis for recreational purposes. This couldn’t be more exciting for those who have enjoyed cannabis socially for years; they can now be free to enjoy legally and without stigma.

Canndora is a long-time fan of the concept of a smoke circle. We consider this the “de rigueur” way to entertain, as a green alternative to the cocktail cart. A smoke circle involves bringing your most trusted friends and companions into your home, setting up a circle-like setting, ensuring it’s a safe space, preparing some refreshments, and beginning to integrate rituals and traditions into your circle. 

Make Edibles and Topicals

Two things that the legal cannabis market will not have for purchase (yet) are edibles and topicals, but they will have the necessary materials to make your own edibles and topicals available for purchase. This is your time to experiment with your legal cannabis, and create some incredible edibles and topicals that will elevate you in ways that the Canadian cannabis market won’t be able to for now.

Canndora consulted with Earth Kisses Sky, the Stoney Creek, ON-based “wellness duo” headed up by Tijen Yalchin and Ashley Short. Earth Kisses Sky is a private herbal medicine and wellness clinical service that also makes cannabis-infused topicals for Pain & Inflammation and Healing & Beauty.

What is their #1 tip for making your cannabis topicals at home? “Be clear on what your purposes is for using and making a topical,” says Ashley, “There are multiple ways to create a skin salve, depending on what you’re looking to achieve. Are you looking for something for pain in inflammation, or something to alleviate a skin condition like eczema, would healing, or for beauty purposes like hydrating and tightening our skin.”

“Each ingredient should have a purpose as to why it is being used,” continues Tijen, “Make sure you’re using high-quality ingredients and you understand the source of your cannabis. Our skin is our biggest organ in the body, and it’s important to remember what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in it.”

“You are what you apply,” Ashley added.

Photo credit: Earth Kisses Sky

Download a Provide-a-Ride App

It’s important to recognize that with legalization comes with the responsibility to act within the law of the cannabis act.

One thing that won’t be tolerated under the new reality of Bill C-45 is cannabis-intoxicated driving, which is being tackled with Bill C-46. Currently, police are working hard to come up with the right way to be able to detect cannabis use at the roadside.

One of the difficulties is that it’s hard to nab exactly when cannabis has been consumed in relation to getting behind the wheel. Within 60 minutes, THC goes into our fat stores and is converted to the non-psychoactive compound THC-COOH. This is what is used to detect cannabis use in workplace drug tests. There have been a lot of complaints and concerns about the way that police are trying to tackle “stoned driving” – but one thing we know for sure is that you would rather be safe than sorry.

Download Uber or Lift on your phone and be prepared to catch a ride when under the influence of cannabis. Even if you have a high tolerance, you still may find yourself facing fines of up to $1000 if you are found to have 5 or more nanograms of THC in your system.

Have Fun & Use Responsibly

The legalization of recreational cannabis is an excellent way for you to model the way for safe and responsible cannabis use in your peer groups. Legalization shouldn’t be seen as a free-for-all, or a time to run through the streets with joints in your mouth.

Keep possession limits top of mind. While there is no limit to the amount of cannabis that you can keep in your home, if you’re caught with more than 30 grams on your person outside your household (or driving), you could be facing a fine. Anything over 50 grams could get you in some pretty legal hot water where you could be prosecuted by The Crown.

Cannabis legalization is an opportunity for all of us to reflect on the relationship with cannabis we would like to have, while ultimately celebrating the incredible progressive laws that Canada is modeling for the rest of the world.

How will you spend today - October 17? Comment below!

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