How to Throw the Perfect Stoner Thanksgiving

Gratitude is the common element of this beautiful holiday that takes place (on different days, for different reasons) in Canada and the USA. We are grateful for so many things! Our health, our amazing friendships, our families…the list goes on. We’re also grateful for our favourite plant, providing so many wonderful benefits. Yes, we’re Canadian, but no, it’s not the maple leaf – though that’s a strong second to our real favourite – marijuana!

With Thanksgiving around the corner, we’ve turned to Pinterest to round up some of the best cannabis-infused recipes to wish you a very Happy Danksgiving from all of us at Canndora!

Don’t forget to offer a 50/50 option of infused/ not infused, and always inform your guests of each dish’s dosage, strain, and any other info they might want to know. Start low, go slow, is a great mantra with edibles – and you’ll be grateful you followed it this Thanksgiving. Now…

Let’s eat!

Dank Drink


Every party starts with a signature drink! Try this marijuana-infused rum apple cider for a delicious double shot. Be sure to be a considerate host and make non-alcoholic versions for those who don’t mix.

Pot Poppers


Check out these delicious cannabis jalapeno poppers. These ‘hot pot poppers’ and add a bit a heat the mix which typically keeps guests from overindulging.
Toking Turkey


Canna-butter Roasted Turkey is a new way to get that great colour with a nice flavour. Be careful not to overcook!

Stoner Stuffing

Marijuana stuffing is a nice twist to traditional sage-filled stuffing – it’s like your secret spice! Add to your mom’s recipe or follow this version here.

Cannabis Cornbread

Try this twist on a classic slightly sweet Thanksgiving side. Adding honey hash butter will add to the flavour – and fun!


Canndora tried, tested and true! We loved this dish. Roasted garlic and mary jane mashed really bring it. Heavy up on the garlic if you’re a fan and consider topping with cannabutter.

Pumpkin Pot Pie

The perfect after-dinner treat, these Mini Marijuana Pumpkin Tarts offer that top-up for those looking for a buzzy late night pick me up.

Now that you’ve got your Danksgiving menu down pat – time to decorate! Here’s our favourite:

Gorgeous in Green

This gorgeous colour is cannabis-inspired and perfect for your pot Thanksgiving table. Try it out!

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