How the "Indica-ndle", a Terpene-Infused Candle, Came to Be

At Canndora, we love partnering with up-and-coming companies in the cannabis space that are doing great things. Meet  Motif Cannabis, a full-service cannabis and hemp extraction and refining company, offering toll processing and white labelling services to licensed producers. Founded by a team of engineers and scientists, Motif provides industry-leading extraction efficiency, exceptional refining techniques and in-house formulations that produce pure, flavourful products.

We're excited to have the Indica-ndle, a terpene-infused candle created by Motif Cannabis and Mood & Co., part of our High Spirits Holiday Box. We sat down with the Motif team to talk about all things extraction, their collaboration with Mood & Co. and their future plans.

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Give us the terpene 101. Explain how it works!

Terpenes are organic compounds found in most of the plants we interact with on a daily basis. They are the molecules responsible for the aromas, flavours and some medical benefits of each of these plants. It turns out that cannabis plants have some of the most complex blends of terpenes available (certain strains can have +50 terpenes). They are at the heart of why cannabis is such a diverse plant and why it can provide such a wide range of effects (alertness, sleep, appetite, anti-nausea). Terpenes also influence how cannabinoids (THC, CBD, CBG etc.) affect us through something called the "entourage effect" which is the concept that a mixture of cannabinoids and terpenes provides a much different effect than any one of the molecules could on their own.

What types of experience does your collaboration with Mood & Co. provide?

Our collaboration with Mood & Co. is an effort to educate the public on terpenes. They are such an incredibly important part of cannabis and will be an important part of the many products that will be hitting the shelves over the next year. This product allows our customers to experience the aromatherapeutic effects of terpenes with a product that is entirely legal in the current landscape. Further, it provides an opportunity to experience terpenes in a pure and unfiltered way. When using a cannabis flower product, the flavours and aromas of terpenes are significantly suppressed due to the nastiness of combustion.

What makes extractions and terpenes so important?

At Motif, we are focusing a great deal on perfecting our extraction processes to preserve and target terpenes. Terpenes are very sensitive molecules that can break down easily and are difficult to "capture". For that reason, a very specialized and thoughtful process is required to ensure we're retaining as many of the original terpenes found in cannabis as possible so that we can eventually allow our consumers to experience the wonderful aromatic and therapeutic benefits through our products.

Tell us more about how you'd recommend we use the Motif and Mood & Co. Indica-ndle

Our "indica-ndle" is very high in a terpene called Myrcene which is responsible for the sedative and relaxing effects of most indica strains. This makes the "indica-ndle" a perfect candle to light up when you're looking to unwind and relax.

Where can people go to learn more about terpenes?

Leafly is a great resource that provides easy to digest information about all of the major terpenes found in cannabis and their individual effects. The website then allows users to find strains that have high proportions of a particular terpene they are interested in so that they can target a specific experience!

What are Motif's plans in the cannabis industry?

Motif Cannabis will provide a wide range of high quality extraction services to existing cultivator LPs allowing them to convert their crop into more advanced products. We are also partnering with leading non-cannabis brands to provide them the terpene and cannabinoid ingredients they require to infuse their products. We want to set the standard for consistent, enjoyable and well-formulated products that people deserve to experience.

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