Sticky Nuggz Inc., Canada’s Premier Retail Store for Cannabis Accessories

We sat down with Alexia Locicero, Marketing and Sales Manager for Sticky Nuggz Inc. to learn more about the company, products, and to get her insights on professional opportunities in the cannabis industry.

Tell us about Sticky Nuggz Inc.

We are a proudly Canadian retail store for cannabis products and accessories. Whether you’re a customer who is already familiar with cannabis, or just curious, we provide customers with a premium cannabis shopping experience, made simple. We’re based in Toronto, Canada, serving the 19+ community to inform, educate, and elevate modern and traditional cannabis users.

How does Sticky Nuggz Inc. keep customers informed?

We know cannabis is still a fairly new industry and customers want to learn more about products and what’s available to them on the market. Sticky Nuggz Inc. is always sharing new insights with our customers from new products, blogs, how to videos, and buzz worthy industry information, we encourage our customers to sign up to receive our monthly newsletter. It’s completely free and we share a lot of great tips for our customers. We also recommend customers follow our social media platforms: Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook

What is your favourite Sticky Nuggz Inc. product and why? 

My favorite Sticky Nuggz Inc. product is the pre rolls. I have never been able to roll myself. The pre rolls offer me the most convenient and stress free smoking experience. They also come in different sizes which allows for me to be given a variety of options when wanting to consume cannabis.

What is one of Sticky Nuggz Inc’s goals for the recreational and wellness cannabis community?

Sticky Nuggz Inc.’s future goals for the recreational and wellness cannabis community is to carry a wide range of cannabis products and accessories that will be able to meet the needs of all of our cannabis consumers from the ages of 19+ and up. Sticky Nuggz Inc. would like to make everyone feel welcome and taken care of no matter what their need or want may be.  

What advice do you have for other professional women looking to join the cannabis industry? 

For anyone looking to join the cannabis industry, now would definitely be the best time as the cannabis industry will only keep growing and evolving as the future approaches. As cannabis now becomes more frequently used by the world whether it is for recreational or wellness use, my hope is that we can diminish the stigma behind the negative effects of cannabis consumption and we can foster more appreciation for how cannabis can support consumers in different ways.

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