Join Canndora at World Psychedelics Day June 20th

world psychedelics day june 20

On June 20 2021, join the International Psychedelics Awareness Foundation to celebrate frontier science and timeless Indigenous wisdom at the inaugural World Psychedelics Day!

In celebration of pioneering science and evolving conversations around psychedelics and plant medicines, World Psychedelics Day brings together industry experts, scientists, shamans, artists, musicians and more for organic discussion on the current “Psychedelic Renaissance”. With 41 speakers in 26 categories, there is no shortage of amazing conversation. If you’ve never considered plant medicines and psychedelics as something of real holistic value or if you’re just curious to learn something new, here are a few reasons why World Psychedelics Day is worth checking out: 

  1. Education - When it comes to psychedelics and plant medicine, there are a ton of misconceptions that contribute to heavy stigmatization. At World Psychedelics Day, scientists, researchers, shamans and industry insiders will share their expert knowledge and experience to enlighten curious audience members about the rich history of psychedelics (particularly with Indigenous ancestors), the role of natural and synthetic psychedelics in holistic health, and how to protect psychedelic plants important to Indigenous cultures. 
  2. Expert Speakers and Great Panels - World Psychedelics Day is jam packed with amazing speakers discussing fascinating subjects. Dr. Clancy Cavnar, Sensei Kevon Simpson & Dr. Bia Labate on Queer Psychedelic Visionaries, Decolonizing Psychedelics and Healing Racial Trauma with Kanyon Sayers-Roods & Dr. Darron T Smith and Marcela Ot’alora and Dr. Jeffrey Becker & Gaurav Dubey  discussing Therapists Who Started It All show just a portion of the amazing speakers and excellent resources on offer to guests who have a chance to learn from the best while also connecting with fellow attendees. 
  3. Interactive Entertainment - With a number of artists, musicians and activists on board, World Psychedelics Day will offer interactive exhibitions and documentary screenings accompanying information about World Psychedelic Day-related events, concerts, and images from art projects around the globe to create an opportunity for open conversation and discussion on further preservation of endangered psychedelic plants crucial to Native cultures, and general holistic wellbeing.

world psychedelics day june 20 Canndora community partner

Spokesperson and Co-director of the Psychedelics Awareness Foundation, Kim Haxton, Potowatomi from the Wasauksing First Nation, has 20 years of experience with Indigenous healers from all over the world and notes “as psychedelics go mainstream, it is crucial that...sustainability and reciprocity must be front and center”. This emphasizes the goal of World Psychedelics Day to provide emphasis to Indigenous wisdom, while challenging the stigma of psychedelic plants and encouraging sustainable wellness. 

Ahead of this year’s event, you can also ‘particulate’ in the “Human Molecule” Art Project, and sign up to volunteer. World Psychedelics Day welcomes all collaborators across gender, racial and ability lines. 

Canndora is a proud World Psychedelics Day Community Partner. Book your place now and join us on June 20 to recognize the latest and most exciting goings-on in the psychedelic renaissance! 

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