9 Reasons You Should Check Out Lift & Co. Expo

Lift & Co. Expo is one of the biggest Cannabis Expos in Canada and it’s coming to Toronto this weekend, June 8th and 9th.  While most people in the cannabis industry are eagerly awaiting next week’s Lift festivities, it might not be on every cannabis consumer’s radar. Well, it should be. Here are the top reasons you should check out Lift Toronto;

Toronto lift expo 2019

Fun brands and products
I know we all have a bunch accessories and gadgets but you always need more, right? I mean, your bong does have a big crack in it, so what’s the harm?

If you’re anything like us, there are two things almost impossible to resist- a good deal and a great cannabis accessory; both of which will be everywhere at Lift!

The amount of times I’ve looked up a really specific cannabis-related question only to not find what I’m looking for or only to find really old information is unbelievable! The best part about Lift is all of the leading cannabis experts are going to be right there. You can bring your questions and get ready for information overload because if there’s one thing I know about the cannabis industry, it’s that everyone loves to talk shop!

Toronto Lift Expo 2019

New cannabis trends
It hasn’t even been a year since legalization and already the industry has evolved like crazy. Expos like Lift are where all the hottest new trends in cannabis can be found.

Cannabis beverages are a huge market in the US and are expected to be just as big in Canada. Check out Hill Street Beverages at Lift to learn about the future of cannabis drinkables and the exciting things to come!

Shopping IRL is fast becoming a thing of the past, and no one knows that better than  Pineapple Express Delivery. This company is revolutionizing the way consumers shop for medical and recreational cannabis by offering fast and convenient delivery options.

Cannabis and tech
Cannabis and tech don’t seem like a natural pairing but the truth is, it’s a match made in heaven! You can learn about the latest advances in grow technology as well as apps that are making the consumer experience better, like Strainprint-  a data tracking app that allows you to track the strains and dosages you use to help better identify what works best for you. Medical patients love Strainprint and many recreational consumers do too for exactly this reason So, if you’re new to cannabis, Strainprint is an especially valuable asset as it helps you figure out what you like. Look out for the team at the event!

Lift features two stages- a main stage and a demo stage and both are jam packed with awesome speakers and presentations all weekend long! We’re excited for pretty much all of them but if we had to pick, we'd probably go with Bedroom Cannabis: Sex and Other Intimate Delights with Antuanette Gomez, Parenting & Cannabis: The Moms Weigh In with Aleksandra Jassem & Nikita Stanley, and The Joy of Cannabis Cooking with the Nomad Cook. Seriously though, take a look at the schedule because you will want to see everything!

lift expo toronto nomad cook standing in kitchen with hands on counter

Learn about new LPs
As a consumer it can be tricky to learn about all the licensed producers, what strains they offer and if they’re a good fit for you. Being able to talk to the companies one-on-one to learn about their offerings is a great opportunity, especially if you’re considering becoming a medical patient.

There’s a lot that goes into being a great licensed producer and Kanata Earth has all the fixin’s. This Saskatchewan-based company values high quality testing, which is crucial in creating consistent, high quality cannabis. You wouldn’t want your food or pharmaceuticals to go through sub-standard testing and cannabis is the same. When you check them out ask about their logo- it has an amazing story!

Then there’s Zenabis, an awesome BC-based licensed producer. Their recreational products aren’t available in Ontario yet but we’re counting down the days! Meet their lovely team and learn about their strains; by the end of it you’ll be just as pumped as we are!

lift expo zenabis booth

Medical cannabis by Shoppers
Did you know that you can get medical cannabis from Shoppers Drug Mart? Not only can you purchase medical cannabis from Shoppers Drug Mart,you can also book an appointment with a licensed physician to see if medical cannabis is right for you and potentially receive a prescription. This telehealth service is provided by HelloMD and is convenient, discreet and secure. If you’ve been considering medical cannabis you should stop by the Medical Cannabis by Shoppers booth at Lift!

Health Canada
Health Canada cannabis regulations can be difficult to navigate, so why not get information straight from the source?  Getting first hand information straight from Health Canada is the best way to ensure all your cannabis regulation knowledge is current and accurate.  Health Canada will be at Lift to answer everyone’s most burning questions!

Industry connections
Are you curious about the cannabis industry? Do you want to work in the space? You should definitely be at Lift! While it’s not a job fair you’ll be able to meet and learn about a lot of the major players in the cannabis space and get a feel for the types of positions they have and the work they do. Bring lots of cards. You never know, this is the right place and it might just be the right time.

Lift expo cannabis at work booth

Cannabis at Work, Canada’s leading source for cannabis jobs, recruitment services, online industry training, and HR consulting will be at Lift. They are an amazing resource for those looking to find work in cannabis and should be your first stop if you’re hoping to get into the industry!

Toronto Lift Expo 2019

Well if those aren’t some amazing reasons to check out Lift this weekend, we don’t know what are! Are you going to Lift? Let us know what you’re most excited for!


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