Lighting up the party, and talking to SHINE! Real 24k gold.

We interviewed SHINE, the most beautiful and celebration-friendly real 24k gold blunts. These pre-rolled cones make life easy and add a touch of glam to your session (available online).

What happens in Vegas clearly doesn’t always stay in Vegas with SHINE. Was SHINE really a 4 am idea in a Nevada hotel room? 

There was, but it related to Vegas. At the time (and still do), we were operating a luxury cigar distribution company with clients in Vegas. We created a gold cigar that everyone loved to receive and smoke, but no one wanted to pay the price we wanted to charge. So, we thought, how else can we apply this really cool technology that we’ve developed? And we landed on rolling papers as an ideal market shift.

What was the process for designing SHINE rolling papers? Who was involved?

Our founder and CEO Dave Brown made the first prototypes using the technology he had developed for making the gold cigars. He made several prototypes and handed them to our current head of marketing, Lew Nelson, who was the resident aficionado. Lew reported back with pictures and feedback, that A) this functionally works well, and B) this looks super cool.

Shine is more than just a brand – you’ve built a community of cannabis enthusiasts. Why was that important to you and what do you hope your community gets from your social media feeds and Share Your SHINE episodes?

We love our products, we love our users, and we love the community we built. Our brand voice is quite irreverent compared to others, which is something we have a lot of fun with. Ultimately, we want our users to feel like they’re a part of something special and unique; there’s a bit of alchemy to creating that, but our brand loyalty is quite strong because of it. In terms of what people take away from our content, we really want them to be inspired to go put a dent in the world like we did. We’re fans of people and companies that break shit, don’t accept the status quo, and try to create something new and innovative.

You sell other products, like white gold rolling papers, blunt wraps, and the Infinity Cigar. Which SHINE product is your personal favourite?

Like everyone else, we love our cones for the ease of just packing something that’s already pre-rolled. We just launched a non-gold product, Pure Leaf, which is the best blunt you’ll ever have, period. So we’re loving that as well right now for an everyday use type of product.

Why did you want to be involved in Canndora?

We’re passionate about women smokers being catered to, and having products that really speak to their experience is extremely important for the industry overall.

Time to get serious. How do you feel about the current state of cannabis legalization in the United States and coming into Canada?

What an exciting time. We think there’s way more work to do to really get it to where everyone is going to be happy with it, but its clearly an idea whose time has come and the non-user attitudes changing are a huge step in the right direction. Obviously, we all see the benefits from use, whether in a medicinal or recreational sense. But when we can get legislators to really embrace the tax implications, we’re personally very excited to see better schools and infrastructure created through that revenue as well.

We think we know the answer, but still have to ask. Smokeables or edibles? Why, and when?

Our preference is definitely smokeables, but it’s a horses for courses thing; every way to consume has a time and place that makes sense and we love edibles as well.

Favourite cannabis moment? Personal or otherwise.

A personal favorite was having a meeting with the rapper B. Real from Cypress Hill who’s involved with a number of cannabis-related companies. We smoked on the patio of the Rainbow Room in LA, a legendary club. That whole night just felt like, “this is LA and Shine at its finest.” 


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