Making the Transition to Accessing Cannabis Legally in Canada

Rebecca is a cannabis user who has been accessing cannabis within “grey” markets for almost two decades. When asked whether she’ll be visiting any licensed cannabis retailers after October 17, she says, “Maybe, but I really don’t know much about these stores or why I should change where I source my cannabis.”

There are many people like Rebecca who will be looking at re-assessing their options for buying recreational cannabis once it is officially legal in Canada. When it comes to evaluating your options, Leaf Guru is the premier source for legal cannabis information in Canada: where to get it, what products are available, and what user experiences are with sourcing cannabis within the legal context.

Supporting Legal Cannabis from The Launch

The cannabis industry is rife with sites that provide information on cannabis dispensaries, where to get cannabis online, and who is selling what, and they aren’t always operating within the legal space.

Leaf Guru is setting the bar high for participation on their cannabis information site, by only allowing the cannabis retailers that have been municipally and federally approved to sell cannabis to be featured on their site. They have watched the news as sites like Leafly and Weedmaps faced criticism about their grey area work, and want to avoid this for the comfort of Canada’s existing and new cannabis users.

“We want to be a place where folks interested in knowledge about the upcoming cannabis industry in Canada can go and feel comfortable in knowing that what they are reading is accurate, true, and created within the context of legal cannabis only,” said Leaf Guru Founder and CEO Cam Edwards.

Helping Canadians Make Good Cannabis Choices

A common concern within the newly legal market from those in the cannabis industry are the limitations on products, branding, and client experience that many in the grey markets are accustomed to.

“We understand that some view legal cannabis as regressing for the industry that has come so far with products, and strategies to reach users,” said Edwards, “We want to acknowledge the needs and desires of all cannabis users and show them the products that they can access in the legal markets that will help them enjoy cannabis in this new legal context.”

Along with content that follows the historical path of cannabis in Canada, Leaf Guru helps break down cannabis by province and territory, helping Canadians understand their legal rights when it comes to purchasing, possessing, using, and cultivating cannabis. It’s a celebration of the new era of legal cannabis within Canada, with a recognition that the privilege of legal cannabis comes with a duty to operate within the laws.

“This is a reintroduction to cannabis,” says Edwards, “Our site helps users essentially forget what they know about cannabis’ dark days under prohibition and celebrate it within this new legal context.”

Will you make the move to private retailers or government-run stores or stick to the grey market? Whatever you chose, it's important to arm yourself with knowledge first. This is where Leaf Guru comes in to help!

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